Laurel View Derby Competition – 20.2.22

It’s been quite a while since there has been a Derby at Laurel View, way back in August 2018 and that was outdoors. Thankfully this show was being run indoors, as Storm Eunice was still doing her best to stop play in many parts of the province. The erratic presence of Eunice resulted in the running order changing quite a bit from the times posted on Friday evening.

Out of a class with 7 starters, lots of effort and enthusiasm was evident in the 50cm class, but only one partnership made it round clear, earning them the top position.

Bigger fillers were moved in to place before the 65cm course got underway. A good strong class, with a jump off required to sort out the top two spots after riding lovely clear rounds

In the 80cm class clear rounds eluded everyone, but jump offs were required to divide those ending up with very respectable scores of 4 and 8 faults.

Then the derby finished up with the 95cm course. A lovely clear round from Cora McNulty and Pippa, secured them the number 1 spot.

Indoor Derby Competition


Class 1 – 50cm

1st Regi, Alara Terak; 2nd Dealer, Chloe Chesney; 3rd Casper, Katie Watt.

Class 2 – 65cm

1st Pinecroft Bergamo, Bobbi Fleming; 2nd Hachi, Skye Dawson; 3rd Champ, Kristina Fryers; 4th tie Wizard of Oz, Hannah Kernohan and Pumpkin, Alex Wallace.

Class 3 – 80cm

1st Belle, Claire Gilchrist; 2nd Sur La Moon, Mya Morrison; 3rd Royal Sea Breeze, Alex Wallace; 4th Lhiram, Adrian Cherry; 5th Jetland Lad, Holly Hamill; 6th Pinecroft Bergamo, Bobbi Fleming.

Class 4 – 95cm

1st Pippa, Cora McNulty; 2nd Romeo, Shane Doyle.