Laurel View Derby Competition – 20.2.22

Things are well underway in preparation for Sundays Derby competition, hopefully both Dudley and Eunice will have passed us by and that we aren’t introduced to Storm F in any upcoming forecasts.

So below the little covid advisory paragraph and some general instructions please find the times for all entrants to this Sundays Derby competition. 

While many of the covid restrictions have been removed from law, we would still like to err on the side of caution to try to lessen the risk of positive results causing folk to have to isolate. So we still ask all competitors and their teams to do what you can to keep socially distant when at all possible. We are still trying to limit the number of customers in the shop to 2 at a time and masks are encouraged in enclosed spaces like the shop and besides they really help to keep your face warm on these frosty February days.

If competitors could please come to the shop to pay their entries on arrival, either cash or card and leave us a contact number in case we need to contact you after the competition.

Please note that body protectors are advisable, but not compulsory for this competition.

Looking forward to running the first jumping competition of 2022 at Laurel View.

If for any reason you are no longer able to compete please get in touch to let us know so that we can withdraw you from the running order.

Cl 1 50cm  
11.00 Melanie Greer Doogle
11.06 Chloe Chesney Dealer
11.12 Erin Johnston Guinness
11.18 Sophie Laverick Patrick
11.24 Katie Watt Casper
11.30 Gail Hadden Diesel
11.36 Nikita Noonan Tambo
Cl 2 65cm  
12.18 Gail Hadden Diesel
12.24 Nikita Noonan Tambo
12.30 Hannah Kernohan Wizard of Oz
12.36 Alara Terak Regi
12.42 Katelyn Evans Silver
12.48 Kristina Fryers Champ
12.54 Amber Hopkins Pebbles
1.00 Alice Kennedy Mango
1.06 Aimee Frew Shadow
1.12 Sharon Manderson Finn
1.18 Alex Wallace Pumpkin
1.24 Bobbi Fleming Pincroft Bergamo
1.30 Skye Dawson Hachi
Cl 3 80cm  
2.12 Bobbi Fleming Pincroft Bergamo
2.18 Skye Dawson Hachi
2.24 Mya Morrison Sur La Moon
2.30 Shea Kearney Lady
2.36 Anthea Moffett Chip
2.42 Alex Wallace RSB
2.48 Shane Doyle Sam
2.54 Claire Walker Jack
3.00 Gia Kirkpatrick Dromlaragh Clover
3.06 Claire Gilchrist Belle
3.12 Holly Hamill Jetland Lad
3.18 Adrian Cherry Lhiram
Cl 4 95cm  
3.54 Cora McNulty Pippa
4.00 Sophie Price Molly
4.06 Shane Doyle Romeo