Dressage Times (2 of 5)

Who knows what the weekends weather holds in store for us? Its not looking particularly good so we have made the decision to run all indoors, using the larger arena for the tests and the smaller arena for the warm up.  This makes for a very long day but we feel it will make things more comfortable for competitors, judges, scribes and runners.  Can we ask if you are not able to make it to Laurel View for whatever reason that you let us know, so that we are not waiting for you and we might even be able to tighten up the times to allow us to finish a bit earlier. With this possibility in mind if you are down for a late afternoon/evening time could you perhaps contact us through the afternoon as we might be able to slot you in sooner.

Indoor – Arena 1
Cl 6 Open (Elem 49)
9.00 Pauline Falloon Carlingford Sebastian
9.07 David Patterson Sioux
9.14 Lisa Allen Smartie
9.21 Lisa Dundee Robbie
9.28 Geraldine Lowry Sha Khan
9.35 Rosie Alcorn The Ace of Diamonds
9.42 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Med 63)
9.49 Pauline Falloon Carlingford Sebastian
9.56 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Novice 20)
10.03 Laurel Faloona Cherry
10.09 BREAK
Cl 5 Novice 30
10.15 Geraldine Lowry Sha Khan
10.21 Rosie Alcorn The Ace of Diamonds
10.27 Lisa Dundee Jazz
10.33 Miriam Wright The Castletown Lad
10.39 Laurel Faloona Cherry
10.45 Christine Newton Runaway Rebel
10.51 Nicky Nesbitt Fuzzy Duck
10.57 BREAK
11.03 Bianca McElnea Rosso Tramonto
11.15 Jackie Reid Cream Cracker
11.21 Amy Neill Riskit Rebel
11.27 Susan Stokesberry Hayselden Hermione
11.33 Elaine Armstrong Imp Flight
11.39 Karina McVeigh Midnight Reflection
11.45 BREAK
Cl 4 Prelim 14
11.51 Kate Alcorn Rose Balee
11.57 Bianca McElnea Rosso Tramonto
12.03 Susan Stokesberry Hayselden Hermione
12.09 Elaine Armstrong Imp Flight
12.15 Gillian Orr Mathilda
12.21 Amy Neill Riskit Rebel
12.27 Lisa Dundee Daphne
12.33 Katie Watt Sly
12.39 Stephen Harris Spike
12.45 Erin Faloona Harlequin Rose
12.51 BREAK
12.57 Joanne Jarden Hustle & Flow
1.03 Jill Hobson Ludovik K
1.09 Lisa Dundee Anna Island
1.15 Michelle Strange Coco
1.21 Rosemary Strange Western Seajay
1.27 Sarah Moore Shameless
1.33 Nuala McNally Song of Charm
1.39 Nicky Nesbitt Quins Essential
1.45 Lisa Allen Poppy
1.51 Elizabeth Eames Coloured Clough Girl
1.57 BREAK
Cl 3 Prelim 7
2.03 Karina McVeigh Midnight Reflection
2.09 Jill Hobson Ludovik K
2.15 Rosemary Strange Western Seajay
2.21 Nicky Nesbitt Quins Essential
2.27 Elizabeth Eames Coloured Clough Girl
2.33 Sarah Moore Shameless
2.39 Nuala McNally Song of Charm
2.45 Lisa Allen Poppy
2.51 BREAK
2.57 Nichola E Haveron NEH Flagmount Diamond Clover
3.03 Mandy Blakely Kizzy
3.09 Suzi McClean Scooby
3.15 Janet McMullan Midnight
3.21 Amy Neill Riskit Rebel
3.27 Kelly Troughton Dainty
3.33 Katie Watt Sly
3.39 Emma Fleming Orion
3.45 BREAK
3.51 Nuala McNally Teenage Kicks
3.57 Tom Gardiner Bert
4.03 Laura Boyce Glenloughan Star
4.09 Amy Boyce Elms Dolly
4.15 Debra Ringland Midnight
4.21 Samantha Steele Casanova
4.27 Kelly Troughton Rosa
4.39 BREAK
Cl 2 Prelim 4 (Newcomers)
4.51 Lynn Knight Candle Hope
4.57 Shelley McFarlane Clueso
5.03 Tracey Robbie Always Trying
5.09 Lisa Stewart Ballydoolagh Bertie
5.15 Emma Anderson LV Tally
5.21 Libby Robinson Pearl
5.27 Sophie McGuckin LV Pippa
5.33 Catherine Murray Coco Motion
5.39 Nicola Anderson Leitrim Carrera
5.45 Paula McIlwrath Foxi
5.51 Rachael Thompson Sophie
5.57 BREAK
6.03 Debbie Braik Inch by Inch
6.09 Clare Dornan Katie Makes Seven
6.15 Katie Barrett Sage Green
6.21 Stephanie Watson Jacob
6.27 Gillian McCann Make Mine A Double
6.33 Leonie Irwin Levi
6.39 Susan Scott Talou Bet Oz
6.45 Edana Butler Randals Girl
6.51 Diane Sefton LV Bridget
6.57 Rachael Thompson Henry
7.03 Nicola Anderson Bally Nolen Lad
7.09 BREAK
Cl 1 BD Intro A (Walk/Trot)
7.15 Holly McKeown LV Sparky
7.21 Leonie Irwin Levi
7.27 Susan Scott Talou Bet Oz
7.33 Edana Butler Randals Girl
7.39 Diane Sefton LV Bridget
7.45 Emma Burns LV Bob
7.51 Amy Neill Roger
7.57 BREAK
8.03 Abi Gill Guinness
8.09 Christine Smyth LV Larry
8.15 Megan Houston Megland Saffron
8.21 Kerry Taylor Star
8.27 Megan Parkinson Trigger
8.33 Amanda Davison Mister Darcy
8.39 Dawn McKeown Lincoln