Working Hunter Show – 3.4.22

The Working Hunter Show has trotted around quickly. Below are all the times for Sundays competition. 

If for any reason you are no longer able to compete please get in touch to let us know so that we can withdraw you from the running order.

If competitors could please come to the shop to pay their entries on arrival, either cash or card and leave us a contact number in case we need to contact you after the competition.

While many of the covid restrictions have been removed from law, we would still like to err on the side of caution to try to lessen the risk of positive results causing folk to have to isolate. So we still ask all competitors and their teams to do what you can to keep socially distant when at all possible. Masks are encouraged in smaller enclosed spaces like the shop and we are still trying to limit the number of customers in the shop to 2 at a time. 

Cl 1 60cm WH Horse  
10.00 Stephanie Kilpatrick Boston
10.06 Katelyn Evans Ben
10.12 Shane Doyle Gwenick
10.18 Karina McVeigh Coco
10.24 Gail Hadden Diesel
10.30 Holly Knox Lenny
Cl 2 70cm WH Horse  
10.48 Karina McVeigh Coco
10.54 Gail Hadden Diesel
11.00 Holly Knox Lenny
11.06 Michelle Strange Bobo
11.12 Marissa Elliott Greenans Cody
11.18 Chloe Thompson Taffy
11.24 Madison Warnock Alfie
11.30 Angela Kernohan Ozzie
11.36 Nicola Tann Greenans May
Cl 3 80cm WH Horse  
11.54 Stuart McCulloch Flash
12.00 Vicki Dible Sam
12.06 Nicola Tann Greenans May
12.12 Mya Morrison Sur La Moon
12.18 Holly Hamill Jetland Lad
12.24 Gill McAreavey Marley
12.30 Kathryn Knox Springvale O’Grady
12.36 Megan Houston Western Ocala
12.42 Claire Gilchrist Belle
Cl 4 90cm WH Horse  
1.00 Mya Morrison Sur La Moon
1.06 Holly Hamill Jetland Lad
1.12 Gill McAreavey Marley
1.18 Kathryn Knox Springvale O’Grady
1.24 Megan Houston Western Ocala
1.30 Cora McNulty Pippa
1.42 Ian McCluggage Ellie-Mae
Working Hunter Horse Championship
2.00 All 1st & 2nd Horse Class winners
Cl 5 50cm WH Pony  
2.12 Katie Watt (HC) Casper
2.18 Paige Erwin Bobo
2.24 Molly Clarke Midnight Bluebelle
2.30 Lauren O’Rourke Remeo
Cl 6 60cm WH Pony  
2.48 Molly Clarke Midnight Bluebelle
2.54 Rachel Morton Harry
3.00 Cayleigh Erwin Henry
3.06 Lauren O’Rourke Max
Cl 7 70cm WH Pony  
3.24 Sarah Pike Daisy
3.30 Hannah Kernohan Wizard of Oz
3.36 Cayleigh Erwin Henry
3.42 Abbie Harkness Trinnie
3.48 Lauren O’Rourke Max
Cl 8 80cm WH Pony  
4.06 Simon Wylie Clyngim Sion
4.12 Abbie Harkness Trinnie
Working Hunter Pony Championship
4.30 All 1st & 2nd Pony Class winners