Working Hunter League (1 of 6) – 28.10.12

Sunday 28th October was the date for the first competition in the Laurel View Winter Working Hunter League.  The league got off to a strong start with a good turnout of high calibre entries. Laurel Faloona and Amy Neill were nominated as judges for this competition and below are the names of those that emerged as winners. The next leg will soon come round on Sunday 25th November, hope we see you there 🙂


Working Hunter (1 of 6)





Class 1 – Newcomer Pony 50cm

1st The Ferryman, Sophie Winn; 2nd Hellablue, Julie Lee Radcliff; 3rd Aden, Eva McClurg; 4th Harvey, Sarah Britton.


Class 2 – Novice Pony 60cm

1st Admiral, Sophie McGuckin; 2nd The Ferryman, Sophie Winn; 3rd Jeronamo, Emma Louise Gourley.


Class 3 – Intermediate Pony 75cm

1st Barney, Tara Murphy; 2nd Brandy, Lois Larmour; 3rd Schuey, Rachel Black; 4th Blue, Connie Jordan; 5th Barney, Eva McClurg; 6th Thistledown Americano, Hannah Dumigan.


Class 4 – Open Pony 90cm

1st Brandy, Lois Larmour; 2nd Rio, Emma Allen.




Class 5 – Warm up Horses 70cm

1st Dealer, Stephanie Harper; 2nd Penny, Katie McClay; 3rd Izzy, Amiee Wilson; 4th Dunadry Girl, Reah Magee.


Class 6 – 4 Year Old Horse 70cm

1st Loughmourne Diamond, Kirsty Marsden; 2nd Aleisha, Erin Faloona.


Class 7 – Novice Horse 80cm

1st Lola, Sarah Russell; 2nd The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 3rd Roundthorn Amarillo, Cathy Quigg; 4th Dunadry Girl, Reah Magee; 5th Dealer, Stephanie Harper; 6th Rosie, Emma Brady.


Class 8 – Small Horse 80cm

1st Lady B, Georgie Young; 2nd Strider, Patricia Allen; 3rd Penny, Katie McClay.


Class 9 – Cobs 80cm

No entries forward.


Class 10 – Intermediate Horse 90cm

1st  Lady B, Georgie Young;  2nd Cora, Jackie Hanna;  3rd   Ralph, Emma Fleming; 4th   Rosso Tramonto, Bianca McElnea; 5th Song of Charm, Nuala McNally.


Class 11 – Open 1m

1st Cora, Jackie Hanna; 2nd Song of Charm, Nuala McNally.