Working Hunter League (1 of 5)



9th October and 20th November 2011, 29th January,

26th February and 25th March 2012 (Final)

Working Hunter Ponies start 10.00 am

Class 1:       Newcomer Class                                  50cm

Class 2:       Novice Pony                                        60cm

Class 3:       Intermediate Pony                            75cm

Class 4:       Open Pony                                             90cm

Please note for all pony classes: – ponies up to 153cms, riders of correct age.

Working Hunter Horses start 1.30pm

Class 5:       Warm up Class                                                 70cm

Class 6:       4 year old Horse                                             70cm

Class 7:       Novice Horse                                                   80cm

Class 8:       Small Horse (not exceeding 158cms)    80cm

Class 9:       Cobs                                                                     80cm

Class 10:     Intermediate Horse                                      90cm

Class 11:     Open Horse                                                        1m

Horses – exceeding 148cms. Ponies – up to 153cms.

ENTRY FEES: £10 per class

Entries on DAY

To qualify for league prizes at final, competitors must compete on the same horse/pony in the same class at 2 competitions at least, plus the final.

Classes may be amalgamated with the next appropriate class if entries are insufficient.

Further information available from Laurel View office

Tel: – 028 9083 0649 Email: –