Working Hunter League (1 of 5) – 9.10.11

Winter is here, but thanks to the Indoor Arenas the Laurel View Working Hunter League got off to a comfortable start on Sunday 9th October.

The Ponies got the day going with an excellent turnout, boosted by an increase in participation from riding school entrants and young liveries.  The first red rosette of the day was proudly received by Noah Brown riding Dream Acres Splash Down, with Sophie Winn and The Ferryman equally proud of their blue rosette.

The Novice Pony was the next class to be judged by Emma Fleming, whose patience was greatly appreciated by many of the competitors at this level. The top two places went to Noah and Sophie again spurred on by their success in the Newcomer Class.

Intermediate Pony class came next with Cindy and Megan Davies performing best over the 75cm course, with Sparky and Sarah Brittain in the second place spot.

Last but by no means least in the Pony section was the Open class over a 90cm course, claiming the top spot was Pats Gold ridden by Rebecca Adams, with Cindy and Megan Davies gaining second.

Erin Faloona took over the judging in the afternoon for the horse classes.  The Warm Up Class over a 70cm course got things going nicely, with Anne Hill and Chestnutt Hill taking the 1st place and Tippy ridden by Clare Kennedy taking second.

The 4 year olds were next over the 70cm course with Briony Hamilton and Jumpingdale Jazz jumping into first place and Emma Fleming on Marvin making it into second place.

Novice Horse next with the course up to 80cm, Lexi and Shane Doyle rode into first place, with Tippy and Claire Kennedy just a point or two behind in second.

The Small Horses had their turn over the 80cm next with the 1st place rosette being won by Orion and Emma Fleming and 2nd by Chance and Debbie Cherry.

Cobs were the next class also over the 80cm, leaping into the number 1 spot was Logans Leap ridden by Jamie-Lee Reid with Fitz and Christine Cuthbertson in the second place spot.

The course moved on up to 90cm for the Intermediate Horse class which was won by Goldmine and Amy Fekkes, with Contradiction and Kelly Gray taking second.

Quarry Man Lad and Brian Smyth took the last first of the day for the Open Horse class over the metre jumps.

With a strong competitive start to the Winter League everyone is looking forward to the next competition in the league on Sunday 20th November, starting again with the ponies at 10am, with the horses after, no earlier than 1.30pm.

Before that folk have the chance to keep on jumping at the weekly Wednesday evening show jumping, starting at 6pm with 40cm, then going up through the classes, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and the metre.

Or if you fancy testing your course retention skills to the max, come and have a go at the Indoor Jumping Derby League which continues on Sundays 30th October, 13th and 27th November with a 12 noon start for the 60cm class before moving onto the 70cm, 85cm and metre.

If you prefer to keep all four feet on the ground, never fear, the Winter Dressage League gets underway on Sunday 6th November.  For more details on any of these events or any other Laurel View activities check out or just give the office a ring on 028 9083 0649

Working Hunter Ponies

Class 1: Newcomer Class – 50cm

1st Dream Acres Splash Down, Noah Brown; 2nd The Ferryman, Sophie Winn; 3rd Skye, Ellie Ross; 4th Spud, Lauren Gordon; 5th Mister Darcy, Amy Neill; 6th Blue, Connie Jordan.

Class 2: Novice Pony – 60cm

1st Dream Acres Splash Down, Noah Brown; 2nd The Ferryman, Sophie Winn; 3rd Sparky, Sarah Brittain; 4th Skye, Ellie Ross; 5th Spud, Lauren Gordon.

Class 3: Intermediate Pony – 75cm

1st Cindy, Megan Davies; 2nd Sparky, Sarah Brittain

Class 4: Open Pony – 90cm

1st Pats Gold, Rebecca Adams; 2nd Cindy, Megan Davies.

Working Hunter Horses start 1.30pm

Class 5: Warm up Class – 70cm

1st Chestnutt Hill, Anne Hill; 2nd Tippy, Clare Kennedy; 3rd Chance, Debbie Cherry; 4th Foxi, Paula McIlwrath; 5th Abbey, Donna Creighton; 6th Magic, Claire Robinson.

Class 6: 4 year old Horse – 70cm

1st Jumpingdale Jazz, Briony Hamilton; 2nd Marvin, Emma Fleming.

Class 7: Novice Horse – 80cm

1st Lexi, Shane Doyle; 2nd Tippy, Claire Kennedy; 3rd Fitz, Christine Cuthbertson; 4th Rangehill Llwynog, Simon Wylie; 5th Quarry Diamond, Brian Smyth; 6th The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright.

Class 8: Small Horse – 80cm

1st Orion, Emma Fleming; 2nd Chance, Debbie Cherry; 3rd Rangehill Llynog, Simon Wylie; 4th Ella, Sarah Lusk; 5th Indi, Victoria Laverty.

Class 9: Cobs – 80cm

1st Logans Leap, Jamie-Lee Reid; 2nd Fitz, Christine Cuthbertson; 3rd Molly, Roberta Bradbury.

Class 10: Intermediate Horse – 90cm

1st Goldmine, Amy Fekkes; 2nd Contradiction, Kelly Gray; 3rd Bugsy, Joan Adrain.

Class 11: Open Horse – 1m

1st Quarry Man Lad – Brian Smyth