Working Hunter League (1 of 4) 12.12.10


The first weekend in 3 without snow meant that all that Laurel View would do what they could to ensure that the first leg of the Working Hunter League 2010 – 2011 would go ahead.

Quality not quantity may have been the order of the day, but it was great to see trailers in the car park again as the show got underway on Sunday 12th December.

The expertise of local judges was put to the test as a large crowd was not anticipated due to most horses and ponies not being ridden for a fortnight or more!  Laurel Faloona cast her eye over the Pony competitors, while Joan Adrain adjudicated the Horse Classes.

Sarah Brittain and Sparky took the honours in both the Newcomer Class and the Starter Stakes.

Simon Wylie riding Rangehill Lywynog won the red rosette in the Intermediate Pony class, with Snowy and Zoe Woods coming in second, but the rosettes were reversed in the Open Pony Class.

In the afternoon the Horses took centre stage starting with the Warm Up Class over a 70cm course with Midnight Reflection and Karina McVeigh claiming first place with Wee Chief and Elaine Power coming in second.

Donna Barron and Diamond Dutchess took the top spot in the 4 year olds with Nuala McIvor and Rockafella Rose a close second.

Another red for Karina McVeigh and Midnight Reflection in the Novice Horse class with the blue rosette being presented to Brian McFall and Lincoln Star.

Elaine Power and Wee Chief were victorious in the amalgamated Small Horse and Cob class with Hannah Finlay and Goodtime One seizing second place over the enjoyable and well constructed 80cm course.

Hannah Finlay and Goodtime One rounded up the day taking first place in the Intermediate Horse Class.  Even with the vast improvement in weather the light for good photos was limited, but the Equi-Tog Photographer seized the chance to capture as many competitors as possible.

The next League of the Working Hunter League is scheduled for Sunday 30th January.

Working Hunter League – 12.12.10


Class 1: Newcomer Class: 50cms

1st Sparky, Sarah Brittain.

Class 2: Starter Stakes: 60cms

1st Sparky, Sarah Brittain; 2nd Linney, Sarah Brittain.

Class 3: Novice Pony: 70cms

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Class 4: Intermediate Pony: 80cms

1st Rangehill Llwynog, Simon Wylie; 2nd Snowy, Zoe Woods.

Class 5: Open Pony: 90cms

1st Snowy, Zoe Woods; 2nd Rangehill Llwynog, Simon Wylie.


Class 6: Warm up Class: 70cms

1st Midnight Reflection, Karina McVeigh; 2nd Wee Chief, Elaine Power; 3rd Chestnut Hill, Ann Hill; 4th Lincoln Star, Brian McFall.

Class 7: 4 year old Horse: 70cms

1st Diamond Dutchess, Donna Barron; 2nd Rockafella Rose, Nuala McIvor.

Class 8: Novice Horse: 80cms

1st Midnight Reflection, Karina McVeigh; 2nd Lincoln Star, Brian McFall.

Class 9: Small Horse & Class 10: Cobs: 80cms combined

1st Wee Chief, Elaine Power; 2nd Goodtime One, Hannah Finlay; 3rd Song Of Charm, Nuala McIvor; 4th Chestnut Hill, Ann Hill.

Class 11: Intermediate Horse: 90cms

1st Goodtime One, Hannah Finlay.

Class 12: Open Horse: 1m

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