Working Hunter 21.4.24

A glorious spring day for the Laurel View Working Hunter Show, if we could have relied on the weather forecast, we would have been grand building the course in the outdoor arena. The course looked very well and gave just enough questions to challenge the competitors. Jan Martin had kindly agreed to be judge, ably assisted by daughter Lindsay. Along with the Laurel View team they did an excellent job of keeping the show running.

Many competitors rode the course well and along with the judges scores earned their places at the top of the class and are all listed below. Other competitors retired or were eliminated, but everyone still seemed to enjoy and learn from the experience. 

Keep an eye out for the show photos appearing on the Equi-Tog website, but for now, take a moment to check out the winners. 

Working Hunter Horses

Class 1 – 60cm
1st Ben, Anna Kelly; 2nd Lady, Victoria Graham; 3rd Windgap Lady, Sharon Kirkpatrick; 4th Vinnie, Katie McDonnell.

Class 2 – 70cm
1st Kim, Flora Campbell; 2nd Vinnie, Katie McDonnell; 3rd Duchess, Hollie Surgenor.

Class 3 – 80cm
1st NothingButNaughty Harvey, Rachel Murphy; 2nd Diamond, Aeola McCrum.

Class 4 – 90cm
1st Diamond, Aeola McCrum; 2nd Jerry, Raisa McMullan; 3rd Springvale O’Grady, Kathryn Knox; 4th NothingButNaughty Harvey, Rachel Murphy.

Working Hunter Horse Champion winning the David Warwick Memorial Cup – Diamond, Aeola McCrum
Reserve – Kim, Flora Campbell

Working Hunter Ponies

Class 5 – 50cm
1st Henry, Paige Erwin; 2nd Ava Blonde, Aoife McErlain.

Class 6 – 60cm
1st Casper, Hannah Kernohan; 2nd Beaut Lightning, Ashley Wray.

Class 7 – 70cm
1st DS Ebony Boy, Katie Surgenor; 2nd Belle, Claire Gilchrist; 3rd Made in Japan, Paige Erwin; 4th Robin, Donna Houston; 5th Casper, Hannah Kernohan.

Class 8 – 80cm
1st Belle, Claire Gilchrist; 2nd Robin, Donna Houston; 3rd Cluainin Bliss, Molly Piper.

Working Hunter Pony Championship
Champion – Henry, Paige Erwin
Reserve – DS Ebony Boy, Katie Surgenor