Winter Working Hunter Show – 5.2.17

I am going to have to give myself a talking to, as I have just realised I omitted to post the results of our Working Hunter Show to the website, my excuse, well it was a long day!!

Read on to find out who performed best and caught the judges eye at the show.


Sunday 5th February was the date of the Annual Winter Working Hunter Show at Laurel View when Judith Aitken had the task of judging both horses and ponies at a wonderful day of working hunter competition.


It was Beechburn Lass, ridden by Katie Wray that won the Champion Working Hunter Horse title and was presented with the David Warwick Memorial Cup. The reserve champion position was filled by Katie’s mum, Nichola Wray with Lady Grey VI.


At the end of a very long day, the pony’s that persevered to the finish for the final judging should all have got an award for patience, but in the end the worthy winner of the Champion Working Hunter Pony rosette was awarded to Uisce Beatha ridden by Grainne Bennett, while

Greenfield Apache and Ellen McDonald took the runner up ribbon.


Throughout the day the Equi-Tog photographer was clicking away to capture the competitors in action, hopefully you get the chance to check out the pictures on Equi-Togs Facebook page.


Many of the winners took home qualifying cards for the Northern Ireland Festival, Laurel View wishes everyone the very best and remind qualifiers that the onus is on the competitor/owner to ensure that their horse/pony/rider combination is within the appropriate NIF qualifying class criteria.


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Laurel View Winter Working Hunter Show






Working Hunter Horses


Class 1: 60cms Working Hunter Horse

1st Billy, Geraldine Gough; 2nd Barney, Ian McCluggage; 3rd Megan, Joan Gibson.


Class 2: 4 year old Working Hunter Horse (born 2013)

1st Anadora, Stephanie Farren; 2nd Westways Summer Surprise, Grace Gough; 3rd Munie Endeavour, Katy Irvine.


Class 3: 70cm Working Hunter Horse

1st Ellie Mae, Gillian Montgomery; 2nd Lhiram, Adrian Cherry; 3rd Ballylin Ben, Daryl McKinney; 4th Barney, Ian McCluggage; 5th KC Classic Boy, Stephanie Farren; 6th Maverick, Louise Spence.


Class 4: 80cm Working Hunter Horse

1st Homegrown Marx, Alison McClenaghan; 2nd Ogue Grace, Sarah Fulton; 3rd Wee Chief, Elaine Power; 4th KC Classic Boy, Stephanie Farren; 5th Balteaghs Prince, Sarah Lamont; 6th, Tynan Wonder, Stephanie Scroggie.


Class 5: 80cm Cobs Working Hunter

1st Wee Chief, Elaine Power; 2nd Ellie Mae, Gillian Montgomery.


Class 6: 85cm Small Working Hunter Horse (not exceeding 158cms)

1st Beechburn Lass, Katie Wray; 2nd Mojo, Shannon Carruthers; 3rd Lady Sarah, Holly McClenaghan; 4th Belle, Claire Gilchrist; 5th Glyngim Sion, Simon Wylie; 6th Silver Cove, Mollie Riley.


Class 7: 90cm Working Hunter Horse

1st Tynan Wonder, Stephanie Scroggie; 2nd Lady Grey VI, Nichola Wray; 3rd Murphy, Mollie Riley.


Class 8: 1m Working Hunter Horse

1st Beechburn Lass, Katie Wray; 2nd Lady Grey VI, Nichola Wray; 3rd Mojo, Shannon Carruthers; 4th Cyrano Buttercup, Helen Pearson-Murray.


Class 9: 1.10m Working Hunter Horse

1st Little Miss Mollie, Helen Pearson-Murray.


Champion Working Hunter Horse presented with the David Warwick Memorial Cup – Beechburn Lass, Katie Wray.


Reserve Champion Working Hunter Horse – Lady Grey VI, Nichola Wray.


Working Hunter Ponies


Class 10: 40cm Working Hunter Pony

1st Millcroft Gilgamesh; Oliver Kinnear.


Class 11: 50cm Working Hunter Pony

1st Millcroft Gilgamesh; Oliver Kinnear; 2nd Bert, Sasha Strange; 3rd Little Prince Caspian, Sophia Bingham.


Class 12: 60cm Working Hunter Pony

1st Greenfield Apache, Ellen McDonald; 2nd Millcroft Gilgamesh; Oliver Kinnear; 3rd Dreamboy of Eskylane, Ella Hill.


Class 13: 70cm Working Hunter Pony

1st Greenfield Apache, Ellen McDonald; 2nd Dreamboy of Eskylane, Ella Hill; 3rd Blue, Calum Pearson.


Class 14: 80cm Working Hunter Pony

1st Millpark Heather, Kerry Robinson; 2nd Belle, Claire Gilchrist.


Class 15: 90cm Working Hunter Pony

1st Uisce Beatha, Grainne Bennett; 2nd Blackfort Girl, Grainne Bennett; 3rd Millpark Heather, Kerry Robinson; 4th Fly, Lucy Selby; 5th Ike, Anna Jackson; 6th Basil Boy, Grainne Bennett.


Class 16: 1m Working Hunter Pony

1st Mister Darcy, Shannon Carruthers.


Champion Working Hunter Pony – Uisce Beatha, Grainne Bennett


Reserve Champion Working Hunter Pony – Greenfield Apache, Ellen McDonald