Winter Working Hunter Show – 02.02.2020

The Laurel View Winter Working Hunter Show run on a once in a century palindrome date, proved to be quite a day! Never mind reading the date backwards and forwards, I feel that my head has been turned inside out!

Massive respect to our Judge for the day, Ryan Anderson, who kept things moving on throughout the day despite his pain threshold being tested. Grateful appreciation to his scribe, Brooke Ronan, hopefully you have managed to get your feet warmed up again.

To all the Laurel View team for preparing arenas, building and maintaining the course and those that kept the yard sorted in the meantime, we are extremely grateful. Not forgetting Tom from Equi-Tog for capturing the competitors in action. Watch out for the photos going live onto their website later in the week.

Finally and most importantly thank you to all the competitors and their teams, thank you for your support and patience, particularly those that had brought both horses and ponies and had a longer day than expected at Laurel View. Huge congratulations to all the worthy winners and to those going forward to the Northern Ireland Festival, can we remind you not to forget to get your entries in within 7 days and wish you all the very best for the Festival.

Now here are the long list of results. Well done everyone. πŸ™‚ 


Working Hunter Horses


Class 1: 60cm Working Hunter Horse

1st Darcy, Clare McVeigh; 2nd Reeba, Meaghann Crawford; 3rd Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Jennifer Hamill; 4th Grease Lightning, Mel Gibson.


Class 2: 60cm 4 year old Working Hunter Horse (born 2016)

No entries forward


Class 3: 70cm Working Hunter Horse

1st Lady Zara, Grace Morton; 2nd Beechmount Charona, Adele Huddleson; 3rd Knowehead Belle, Claire Gilchrist; 4th Darcy, Clare McVeigh; 5th Grease Lightning, Mel Gibson; 6th Breakfast at Tiffanys, Jennifer Hamill.


Class 4: 80cm Working Hunter Horse

1st Braeview Codega, Kathryn Knox; 2nd Lady Zara, Grace Morton; 3rd PJ, Eileen Jones; 4th Belle, Claire Gilchrist;  5th Donegreagh Quinn, Debbie Ramsbottom; 6th Flick, Selina Forrester.


Class 5: 80cm Cobs Working Hunter

No entries forward


Class 6: 85cm Small Working Hunter Horse (not exceeding 158cms)

1st Beechburn Lass, Chloe Thompson; 2nd Barney, Declan O’Neill; 3rd Sonics Pride, Kirsten Morrison; 4th Cindy Loi, Aoife Hagan; 5th Burnished Denman, Charlotte McCullough; 6th Donegreagh Quinn, Debbie Ramsbottom.


Class 7: 90cm Working Hunter Horse

1st Beechburn Lass, Chloe Thompson; 2nd Centrefold Belle, Rosie Alcorn; 3rd Rocky, Victoria Craig; 4th Fortrock Aughaway, Rosie Alcorn.


Class 8: 1m Working Hunter Horse                                         

1st Centrefold Belle, Rosie Alcorn.


Class 9: 1.10m Working Hunter Horse

None forward.


David Warwick Memorial Cup for Working Hunter Horse Champion – Braeview Codega ridden by Kathryn Knox.

Working Hunter Horse Reserve Champion – Centrefold Belle, Rosie Alcorn.                                       


Working Hunter Ponies


Class 10: 40cm – Working Hunter Pony

1st Wellbrow Kane, Cassie McMaw; 2nd Bobo, Paige Erwin; 3rd Prince Charming, Megan Reid.


Class 11: 50cm – Working Hunter Pony

1st Loneash Daisy, Fergus Lowry; 2nd Prince Charming, Megan Reid; 3rd Wellbrow Kane, Cassie McMaw.


Class 12: 60cm – Working Hunter Pony

1st Waitwith Dynasty, Eve Lindsay; 2nd Lone Ash Daisy, Fergus Lowry; 3rd Rowan, Megan Houston; 4th Made in Japan, Annie Morrow; 5th Missy Moo, Megan Reid; 6th Henry, Cayleigh Erwin.


Class 13: 70cm – Working Hunter Pony

1st Bronheulog Harvey, Oliver Kinnear; 2nd Waitwith Dynasty, Eve Lindsay 3rd Rowan, Megan Houston; 4th Tableybrook Henry, Ella Lindsay; 5th Donaghmore Melody Song, Sarah Brashaw; 6th Made in Japan, Annie Morrow.


Class 14: 80cm – Working Hunter Pony

1st Duach Shadow, Katelyn Irvine; 2nd Jasper, Sarah Craig; 3rd Grey Dawn, Megan Houston; 4th Bronheulog Harvey, Oliver Kinnear; 5th Tableybrook Henry, Ella Lindsay.


Class 15: 90cm – Working Hunter Pony

1st Pippa, Cora McNulty; 2nd Duach Shadow, Katelyn Irvine; 3rd Grey Dawn, Megan Houston.


Class 16: 1m – Working Hunter Pony

1st Dun Surprise, Bethany Smith.


Working Hunter Pony Champion – Bronheulog Harvey, Oliver Kinnear

Working Hunter Pony Reserve Champion – Duach Shadow, Katelyn Irvine