Winter Dressage League Final (6 of 6) – 30.3.14

Where on earth does time go? Already it is time to post details of the final of our 2013/2014 Winter Dressage League, before you know it, it will be Summer, we hope!

Anyhow what tests are on the schedule to challenge competitors,

Class 1: BD Intro B (walk, trot test)

Class 2: Prelim 1 (06) (Newcomers)   

Class 3: Prelim 18 (02)                      

Class 4: Prelim 19 (08)         

Class 5: Nov 23 (12)    

Class 6: Open Class: Nov 39 (10); Elem 53 (07); Med 75 (02); Adv Med 98 (02)

Entries please (whatever way they come) by noon on Thursday 27th March. Email to is probably easiest, but by phone, in the post, in person or by Facebook, whatever works for you, works for us.  Looking forward to seeing you all again then.