Winter Dressage League Final – 6.3.22

Another wonderful winter of dressage at Laurel View concluded with the league final on Sunday 6th March 2022. 

To everyone that has taken part a massive shout for the support and healthy competitive atmosphere and to everyone who has helped put on and run the shows we are greatly indebted to you all.

All the league class results are listed below. Classes 1 to 6 calculated using the total of the best two scores throughout the league plus the score at the final. While our special Riding School and Staff/Livery results are worked out using an average score across the league.

Congratulations one and all and we look forward to welcoming you back for the Summer Dressage League kicking off on Sunday 22nd May.

Class 1 – Intro     Total
1st Master Montalto Erin Johnston 202.83
2nd Stockburn Petra Acheson 199.78
3rd tie Summer Katie O’Mahony 196.52
3rd tie Rab Darcie Baguley 196.52
5th Cherry Katelyn Evans 196.30
6th Lismoule Mama Mia Ashley Wray 192.61
Class 2 – Prelim A     Total
1st Wizard of Oz Hannah Kernohan 210.25
2nd Casper Katie Watt 206.34
3rd Laura Grace Kirkwood 201.17
4th Little Black Beauty Janine Austin 200.86
Class 3 – Prelim B     Total
1st Will Scarlet Martina McKinley 220.00
2nd Wizard of Oz Hannah Kernohan 204.88
3rd Greystone Golden Lady Elaine Leinster 200.31
4th Patrick Sophie Laverick 190.81
5th Shannaghmore Ring Master Amy Clarke 189.66
Class 4 – Prelim C     Total
1st Will Scarlet Martina McKinley 214.37
2nd Spot of Colour Romeo Ciara Mainwaring 208.46
3rd Chance Sarah Cuthbertson 207.67
4th Dargento Alara Terak 195.05
Class 5 – Novice     Total
1st Dunore Fast and Furious Jacqui Lewis 207.23
2nd Ellie Mae Gillian Montgomery 198.34
3rd Glenlyon Christine Newton 197.17
Class 6 – Open     Total
1st Hanne (Elem) Jill Hobson 221.58
2nd Hanne (Med) Jill Hobson 210.34
3rd Dunore Fast and Furious (Nov) Jacqui Lewis 200.28
Riding School Competition     Avg
1st Laura (Classes 1 & 2) Grace Kirkwood 66.45
2nd Dargento (Classes 3 & 4) Alara Terak 64.97
3rd Admiral, Guinness, Rab (Class 1) Darcie Baguley 64.78
4th Marley (Class 1) Sophia McKay 64.68
5th Rab & Toby (Class 1) Cassie McMaw 64.13
6th Johnny (Class 1) Alice Lutton 63.04
Laurel View Staff & Livery Competition     Avg
1st Blaze Tempo (Class 1) Anne Hill 68.59
2nd Chance (Class 4) Sarah Cuthbertson 68.32
3rd Wizard of Oz (Class 2 & 3) Hannah Kernohan 67.95
4th Casper (Class 2) Katie Watt 66.88
5th Dealer (Class 2 & 4) Paddy McCanny 66.00
6th Master Montalto (Class 1) Erin Johnston 65.90