Winter Dressage League Final – 30.5.21!!!

So the end of May is rather late for the final of the 2020/2021 Winter Dressage League, but hopefully a case of better late than never.

What a Winter we have all had, but we did manage to run 3 competitions in October, November and December. As we were not able to run the January & February competitions and we had to cap entries on other competition days this reduced competitors opportunities to compete so now the League final places will be decided by the total of competitors two best scores in the same class by the same horse and rider combination over the league, one of which must include the final. 

The tests on the schedule for the final competition remain unchanged and are as follows:-

Class 1: BD Intro C (16)                             

Class 2: BD Prelim 14 (06)

Class 3: BD Prelim 18 (02)                  

Class 4: BD Prelim 19 (08)              

Class 5: BD Nov 23 (12)

Class 6: Open: BD Nov 39 (10); BD Elem 57 (07); BD Med 76 (16); BD Adv Med 98 (02)

Please note necessary covid protocols will make this league a lot less social than usual, we hope everyone will work along with us to keep all involved in these competitions safe.

Entry Fee – £12 per test (2 entries – same horse & rider for £22) 

All entries to Laurel View by noon Thursday 27th May via email to

Times available on website from 5 pm Friday 28th May