Winter Dressage League (5 of 6) – 6.3.16

Time is swiftly marching on and very soon it will be March and the penultimate competition in the Laurel View Winter Dressage League, so get your entries in, via email to or you can message them to us via our facebook page, give us a ring on 028 9083 0649 or even call in and see us in person, whatever way they come if we could please have them by noon on Thursday 3rd March to give us a chance to get times sorted and online by 5pm on the Friday evening.

Tests on the March schedule are:-

Class 1: BD Intro A (walk, trot test)       

Class 2: Prelim 13 (06)           

Class 3: Prelim 14 (06)                       

Class 4: Prelim 17 (14)                                        

Class 5: Nov 22 (07)                               

Class 6: Open Class: Nov 38 (05); Elem 45 (10); Med 73 (07); Adv Med 94 (02)