Winter Dressage League (5 of 6) – 6.2.22

Quickly time has raced round to the penultimate competition in the Laurel View Winter Dressage League. 

I have listed the times for Sundays competition below, hopefully they work well for all taking part. As ever if you can’t make your time for whatever reason, please do get in touch as soon as possible to let us know, or to see if we can manoeuvre something to make things suit better.

We’re still trying to keep things as covid safe as possible, so there are some extra points that we are asking everyone involved to please comply with in order to help run the competition safely for everyone.

  • Obviously if you or anyone in your household is experiencing the symptoms or having to self isolate please call and cancel.
  • We ask that everyone please wears a face mask while in the shop/office if you can.
  • Spectating and non riders should be kept to the minimum please and everyone should make every endeavour to keep their distance.
  • Remember to keep a social distance of at least 1 metre from anyone not from your household at all times.
  • Ensure good hand sanitisation by availing of the sanitiser and hand washing facilities.
  • Access to the shop will be limited to 2 customers at a time to facilitate payment and shop purchases only.
  • At check in please make sure to leave a contact number for each rider.
  • We will be offering a limited range of hot take away food and drinks via the shop window.
  • Results will be posted on the window at the end of each class, but also on here as soon as possible after the competition.
  • Test sheets can be collected from the shop window after the scores have been calculated and saved to the computer.
  • We ask that everyone leaves as soon as practical after riding their test, we really don’t like sending you away, but we all have to do what we can to curtail covid as much as possible.
  • Rosettes for class winners will be kept safely until you next return to Laurel View if we hadn’t caught up with you on the day.

Thank you all in advance for doing your bit, we really want to do what we can to keep things from getting any worse🙂  

Indoor Arena
Cl 3 Prelim 14  
9.30 Lisa Dundee Nancy
9.36 Amy Clarke Shannaghmore Ringmaster
9.42 Martina McKinley Will Scarlet
9.48 Veronica Courtney Dave
9.54 Tracey Manson Gortfree Merry
10.00 Ruth Lyttle Bridget
10.06 BREAK
10.12 BREAK
10.18 Lizzy Rankin Tony the Pony
10.24 Elaine Leinster Greystone Golden Lady
10.30 Liesl Padgett Fern
10.36 Holly Hamill Jetland Lad
10.42 Hannah Kernohan Wizard of Oz
10.48 Ruaidhri O’Cianain Sachette Du The
10.54 BREAK
Cl 2 Prelim 13  
11.00 BREAK
11.06 Liesl Padgett Fern
11.12 Holly Hamill Jetland Lad
11.18 Hannah Kernohan Wizard of Oz
11.24 Fiona McKenna Lexi
11.30 Finn Doherty Robin
11.36 Jenny McLaren Fudge
11.42 Judith Watt Ellie Mae
11.48 BREAK
11.54 BREAK
12.00 Judith Lyttle Archie
12.06 Corinne Davison Fudge
12.12 Tracy Tulett Goldies Darcy
12.18 Chloe Thompson Taffy
12.24 Janine Austin Little Black Beauty
12.30 Paddy McCanny Dealer
12.36 Katie Watt Casper
12.42 BREAK
Cl 1 BD Intro B  
12.48 BREAK
12.54 Shauna Brogan Newtown Contendra
1.00 Molly Robinson Ballybriest Little Leo
1.06 Ella Hassan Ballybriest Tambo
1.12 Lilly Beatty Ballybriest Foggy Dew
1.18 Olivia Hassan Ballybriest Little Leo
1.24 Ella-Louise Shaw Ballybriest Tambo
1.30 Mollie Donaldson Ballybriest Foggy Dew
1.36 BREAK
1.42 Carly Beatty Ballybriest Little Leo
1.48 Amy McComb Ballybriest Tambo
1.54 Mia Murphy Bucking Barny
2.00 AJ Murphy Ballybriest Foggy Dew
2.06 Erin Pearson Ballybriest Little Leo
2.12 Toby Lewis Ballybriest Tambo
2.18 Michelle Strange Sam
2.24 BREAK
2.30 Ashley Wray Lismoule Mama Mia
2.36 Katie O’Mahony Summer
2.42 Anne Hill Blaze Tempo
2.48 Erin Johnston Master Montalto
2.54 Grace Kirkwood Laura
3.00 Katelyn Evans Cherry
3.06 Darcie Baguley Rab
3.12 BREAK
3.18 Sheila Barclay Amy
3.24 Carla Owens Bon Bon
3.30 Keely McLarnon Sky
3.36 Joanna McNamee Echo
3.42 Leanne Adams Beechmount Maggie
3.48 Michelle Strange Gwenick
Outdoor Arena
Cl 4 Prelim 17A  
10.00 Sarah Cuthbertson Chance
10.06 Anita Doherty Goldie
10.12 Martina McKinley Will Scarlet
10.18 Veronica Courtney Dave
10.24 Zara Wood Evaline
10.30 Alara Terak Dargento
10.36 BREAK
Cl 5 Novice 22  
10.42 BREAK
10.48 Kat Butler Ward The Spin Doctor
10.54 Gillian Montgomery Ellie Mae
11.00 Anita Doherty Bonnie
11.06 Jacqui Lewis Dunore Fast and Furious
11.12 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Novice 38)  
11.18 BREAK
11.24 Alison Baird TMS Freya
11.30 Alex Wallace Royal Sea Breeze
11.36 Jacqui Lewis Dunore Fast and Furious
11.42 Ruaidhri O’Cianain Eddie
11.48 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Elem 45)  
11.54 BREAK
12.00 Debbie Cherry Monty
12.06 Ruaidhri O’Cianain Eddie
12.12 Anna Beattie Ludovik K
12.18 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Med 73)  
12.24 BREAK
12.30 Yvette Truesdale Golden Rainbow
12.36 Jill Hobson Hanne