Winter Dressage League (5 of 6) – 14.2.21

Instead of New Year resolutions in 2021, we need some New Year wishes instead and one is that Lockdown No.3 does a good job of minimising the spread of Covid, to allow this and many other activities to get up and running again safely.

So the list of tests for February are noted below, to enter just email, message, telephone etc your entries before noon on Thursday 11th February. Looking forward to seeing competitors once again in 2021. Take care one and all.

Class 1: BD Intro B (09)                    

Class 2: BD Prelim 13 (06)           

Class 3: BD Prelim 14 (06)                  

Class 4: BD Prelim 17A (17)                                          

Class 5: BD Nov 22 (07)                           

Class 6: Open: BD Nov 38 (05); BD Elem 45 (10); BD Med 73 (07); BD Adv Med 96 (11)