Winter Dressage League (3 of 6) – 29.12.13

A bit of a gap in the dressage league, but don’t forget to come and have a go at the combined training competition (dressage & show jumping) on the 24th November.

The third leg of the Winter Dressage League is scheduled for Sunday 29th December, a little exercise to work off some of the festive excesses!

Entries please the sooner the better, but will close by noon on the 26th December.

As the office will not be manned very much over the festive period it is probably best to email, facebook or post entries, as entries received on the answering machine are terribly hard to decipher!

These are the tests on the schedule for the last dressage competition of 2013. Looking forward to hearing from you before Santa comes down the chimney!

Class 1: BD Intro A (walk, trot test)        

Class 2: Prelim 4 (02) (Newcomers)             

Class 3: Prelim 12 (05)                       

Class 4: Prelim 18 (02)                  

Class 5: Nov 24 (10)                               

Class 6: Open Class: Nov 30 (06); Elem 49 (09); Med 71 (02); Adv Med 93 (04)