Winter Dressage League (3 of 6) – 13.12.20

I am posting the details and schedule for the next leg of our dressage league with some trepidation, the latest update of the restrictions are in force from 27th Nov to Dec 11th presently, so we might manage to run the next leg as scheduled, so we will try to think positive and start taking entries for the following tests to be ridden on Sunday 13th all being well.

So email your entries through to so that we can add you to the entry list. Please note that I always aim to send a brief acknowledgement of any entries we get and if you haven’t heard back from me, your entries have not been received. 🙁

Entries for the 13th December are open from now up until noon on Thursday 10th December. Please be aware that we may well have to cap entries again as we predict that if we are able to run, it will still be under limiting restrictions. So best advice is to enter good and early to make sure your name is in the file. We are so grateful of everyones support and really do hate to have to turn anyone away, but we are trying to continue running responsibly in these unprecedented times. 

Class 1: BD Intro C (16)                     

Class 2: BD Prelim 7 (02)

Class 3: BD Prelim 12 (05)                  

Class 4: BD Prelim 18 (02)                     

Class 5: BD Nov 24 (10)                            

Class 6: Open: BD Nov 30 (06); BD Elem 44 (02); BD Med 71 (02); BD Adv Med 93 (04)