Winter Dressage League (3 of 6) – 13.12.20

Lockdown 2 has lifted and this has put us in a festive mood, so we have decided to encourage Sundays dressage attendees to come in their festive best. Throw on your Christmas jumper instead of your show jacket, plait some tinsel into your mane, wear your special Christmas 2020 facemask, whatever you fancy to add some festive cheer, but only if you want to.

Please don’t forget to wear your proper riding hat, boots and gloves though. 🙂 

Even more so now with lockdown lifted, we have to keep things covid compliant so as with everything presently there are some extra points that we are asking everyone involved to please comply with in order to help run the competition safely for everyone and thus limit the spread of covid.

  • Obviously if you or anyone in your household is experiencing the symptoms or having to self isolate please call and cancel.
  • We ask that everyone please wears a face mask while unmounted.
  • Unfortunately there is no option for spectating under the current restrictions and non riders should be kept to the bare minimum.
  • Remember to keep a social distance of at least 2 metres from anyone not from your household at all times.
  • Ensure good hand sanitisation by availing of the sanitiser and hand washing facilities.
  • Access to the shop will be limited to 2 customers at a time to faciliate payment and shop purchases only.
  • At check in please make sure to leave a contact number for each rider.
  • We will be offering a limited range of hot take away food via the shop window.
  • Results will be posted on the window at the end of each class, but also on here as soon as possible after the competition.
  • Test sheets can be collected from the shop window after the scores have been calculated and saved to the computer.
  • We ask that everyone leaves as soon as practical after riding their test, we don’t like chasing you away, but we all have to do what we can to stop covid.

Thank you all in advance for playing your part 🙂  

The times are listed below. As always if your time does not suit, or something comes up to stop you from joining us, please do get in touch as soon as practical to let us know.

As always I have tried my very best to keep people riding 2 or more tests as close together as possible and also folk that are travelling together. Hopefully I have managed to please the majority of folk 🙂  

Cl 2 Prelim 7  
9.06 Elle West Mexican Bob
9.12 Megan McCambridge Drumaran Nigel
9.18 Joanne McSeveney Ange
9.24 Ellie Johnston Moreno VIII
9.30 Olivia Pele Cocklehill
9.36 Nicola Monroe Over Ice
9.42 Heather Leinster Greystone Golden Lady
9.48 Paddy McCanny Dealer
9.54 Sarah Cuthbertson Chance
10.00 BREAK
10.06 Kate Higgins Mr Finnigan
10.12 Shauna O’Connell Freyahs Desire
10.18 Rebecca Thompson Cassy
10.24 Siobhan Clarke Prince of Persia
10.30 Jennifer Hamill Breakfast at Tiffany’s
10.36 Aoife Douglas Townend Hot Toddy
10.42 Zara Jones Silver
10.48 Pauline Faloon Scarlet
10.54 Yvette Truesdale Kara
11.00 Ruairdhri O’Cianain Eddy
11.06 BREAK
Cl 4 Prelim 18  
11.12 BREAK
11.18 Pauline Faloon Scarlet
11.24 Yvette Truesdale Kara
11.30 Ruairdhri O’Cianain Eddy
11.36 Christine Newton Jimmy
11.42 Jennifer Howes Pearl
11.48 Jayne Woodward Boycie
11.54 BREAK
12.00 Rebekah McNally Frankie
12.06 Bronagh Stevenson Chicca
12.12 Helen Hoffin Comets Pride
12.18 Ben McCormick Student Loan
12.24 Veronica Courtney Dave
12.30 BREAK
Cl 5 Novice 24  
12.36 Bronagh Stevenson Chicca
12.42 Helen Hoffin Comets Pride
12.48 Orla Carmichael Tyrella Supersox
12.54 Laura Fekkes Harry
1.00 Sandrine Gunst Vechtress
1.06 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Elem 44)  
1.12 Orla Carmichael Tyrella Supersox
1.18 Alison Mastin Moore Dave
1.24 Laura King Bella
1.30 Christine Newton Runaway Rebel
1.36 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Para V Ind)  
1.42 Lucinda Blakiston Houston GG
1.48 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Med 71)  
1.54 Yvette Truesdale Homegrown Ajax
2.00 Laura King Bella
2.06 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Para V Team)  
2.12 Lucinda Blakiston Houston GG
2.18 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Para IV Int B)  
2.24 Naomi Elkin Apollo
2.30 BREAK
Cl 6 Intro C  
2.36 BREAK
2.42 Mel Gibson Grease Lightning
2.48 Samantha McDermott Jewel
2.54 Elaine Kelly Toby
3.00 Sammy Workman Duchess of Mullaghboy
3.06 Katelyn Evans Admiral
3.12 Grace Kirkwood Laura
3.18 Alice Jones Jamie
3.24 Hannah Kernohan Wizard of Oz
3.30 BREAK
3.36 Cassie McMaw Connie
3.42 Darcie Baguley Guinness
3.48 Holly Hamill May
3.54 Alara Terak Dargento
4.00 Katie Watt Beauty
4.06 Ashley Wray Ben
4.12 Ellen Mooney Dominic
4.18 Enna McGreevy Obama
4.24 Maria Scally-Paterson Lady Lucy