Winter Dressage League (2 of 6) – 9.11.14

Having only just posted the times for the first leg of the Winter League, it might seem sharp to be posting details of the November leg, but it does no harm to plan ahead, and you could save yourself a phonecall/email and enter when you are here next. 🙂

Anyhow 9th November is the date and here are the tests planned for that day.

Class 1: PC D Level (walk, trot test)

Class 2: PC C Level (Newcomers)             

Class 3: Prelim 7 (02)                        

Class 4: Prelim 15 (08)                   

Class 5: Nov 23 (12)                        

Class 6: Open Class: Nov 37 (07); Elem 43 (06); Med 69 (05); Adv Med 94 (02)

Here’s a copy of the whole league schedule, please note the February date has changed from the original schedule, to make way for our Winter Working Hunter Show.

Dressage League Schedule Winter 2014-2015