Winter 19/20 Dressage League Results

Oopsy!! It would seem that I have omitted to record the results of our Winter 19/20 Dressage League classes on this website, I’ve only spotted my omission now a month later!!

Non the less, a massive well done to all our winners, we are incredibly grateful to you and indeed every single competitor that participated throughout the league. We are really missing seeing you all at present and really look forward until when we can get competitions up and running once again.

But until then look back and reminisce on a great winter of dressage competition at Laurel View and if your name features on our League Final list, raise a glass of your choice to yourself in celebration.


Winter Dressage League

Classes 1 – 6 calculated using best two scores during league plus the score at the final

Class 1 – Walk/Trot

1st Beechmount Maggie, Leanne Adams, 203.48; 2nd Sparky, Hannah Kernohan, 203.04; 3rd Admiral, Katelyn Evans, 200.87; 4th Rab, Helen Gage, 199.56; 5th Dunaghy Dream, Sarah Carlile, 196.74; 6th Guinness, Darcie Baguley, 189.35.


Class 2 – Prelim A

1st Dunore Fast & Furious, Jacqui Lewis, 210.24; 2nd Jasper, Georgia Rea, 201.49; 3rd Cassy, Rebecca McConkey, 176.41.


Class 3 – Prelim B

1st Dunore Fast & Furious, Jacqui Lewis, 210.26; 2nd Cnocandubh Status, Bronagh Stevenson, 205.19; 3rd Greystone Golden Lady, Elaine Leinster, 203.74.


Class 4 – Prelim C

1st Cnocandubh Status, Bronagh Stevenson, 211.02; 2nd Arctic Moon, Joanna McNamee, 189.67.


Class 5 – Novice

1st Tara, Gemma Goodrich, 209.95; 2nd Boycie, Jayne Woodward, 194.04; 3rd Arctic Moon, Joanna McNamee, 187.92; 4th Vechtress, Sandrine Gunst, 176.01.


Class 6 – Open

1st Tara (Nov), Gemma Goodrich, 214.79; 2nd Furisto Seven for a Secret, Jill Hobson (Elem), 210.99; 3rd Ballylin Ben (Nov), Daryl McKinney, 203.83; 4th Loughmourne Diamond, Geraldine Lowry (Para Ind), 198.05; 5th Ballylin Ben (Elem), Daryl McKinney, 197.24; 6th Furisto Seven for a Secret, Jill Hobson (Med), 195.78.


The following special classes are ranked according to average score throughout this league.


Laurel View Staff & Livery Competition

1st Dunore Fast & Furious & My Toy Boy (Class 2, 3 & 5), Jacqui Lewis, 68.37; 2nd Belle (Class 2 & 3), Claire Gilchrist, 65.84; 3rd Loughmourne Diamond (Class 6 Para Ind & Team), Geraldine Lowry, 64.69; 4th Dunaghy Dream (Class 1), Sarah Carlile, 63.70; 5th Vechtress (Class 5), Sandrine Gunst, 58.67.


Laurel View Riding School Competition

1st Sparky (Class 1), Hannah Kernohan, 66.58; 2nd Rab (Class 1), Helen Gage, 66.52; 3rd Admiral (Class 1), Katelyn Evans, 65.22; 4th Ben (Class 1), Eve McGreevy, 64.64; 5th Lass/Heather (Class 1), Erin Johnston, 60.54; 6th Guinness (Class 1), Darcie Baguley, 60.40.