Winter 16/17 Dressage League Final

It has been a really good winter, with the weather not causing as much trouble as usual in the Winter months, only one day being rather atrocious makes for a pleasant change for everyone concerned. We are indebted to the competitors and their teams for their support, we really enjoy the competitive spirit and craic! This makes it all the more worthwhile and rewarding for the Laurel View team and all the judges and scribes that are involved over the league competitions.

When all the scores were totted up, this is what the league results worthy winners list looked like.

League Classes

(calculated using best two scores + league final)

Class 1 – Walk/Trot

1st Liquorice Allsorts, Amanda Burns, 225.87; 2nd Bit of an Imp, Gail Baillie, 224.78; 3rd Ziva, Samantha Hamilton, 223.26; 4th Cooper, Emma Allen, 219.56; 5th That’s My Guy, Sharon McClurg, 209.57; 6th Laurel View Martini, Heather McGarvie, 206.08; 7th Chiana, Judith Hughes, 195.87.

****Apologies to everyone concerned, but it would appear rogue blank cells, upset my league spreadsheet and caused me to omit a competitor from the calculations for the league. I have now corrected, checked and verified the spreadsheet and the league results for Class 1 are as now above. **** 


Class 2 – Prelim A

1st Cara, Rachael Thompson, 211.92; 2nd Bit of an Imp, Gail Baillie, 207.35; 3rd Ziva, Samantha Hamilton, 207.30; 4th Paris, Emma Allen, 202.41; 5th Clady Water Jay Jay, Diane Jones, 198.07; 6th Laurel View Admiral, Sasha Mateer, 197.19.


Class 3 – Prelim B

1st Lexi, Dawn Clive, 201.26; 2nd My Toy Boy, Jacqui Lewis, 198.66; 3rd Josh, Emma McLean, 195.39; 4th Laurel View Barney, Christine Smyth, 191.69; 5th Beechmount Reeba, Meaghann Crawford, 189.63.


Class 4 – Prelim C

1st My Toy Boy, Jacqui Lewis, 202.21; 2nd Beechmount Reeba, Meaghann Crawford, 194.38; 3rd Josh, Emma McLean, 187.23.


Class 5 – Novice

1st Ballylin Ben, Daryl McKinney, 217.05; 2nd Bella, Penny Murphy, 209.77; 3rd Beechmount Baxter, Linda McIlwaine, 204.50; 4th Rock Babylon, Barbara Hanna, 200.48; 5th William, Shelley McFarlane, 181.95.


Class 6 – Open

1st Ballylin Ben (Nov), Daryl McKinney, 207.45; 2nd Beechmount Baxter (Elem), Linda McIlwaine, 200.68; 3rd Delilah (Nov), Laura Wilson, 198.81; 4th Cheetah (Elem), Laura King, 197.77; 5th Cheetah (Med), Laura King, 195.24; 6th Delilah (Elem), Laura Wilson, 189.15.


The following special league classes were worked out using average scores for those that have competed on 3 or more occasions throughout the league.


Riding School Competition

1st Laurel View Martini (Class 1), Heather McGarvie, 68.69; 2nd Laurel View Tally/Johnny/Lass (Class 1), Brian Johnston, 66.26; 3rd Laurel View Guinness (Class 1), Amy-Lee Hanvey, 65.92; 4th Laurel View Admiral (Class 2), Sasha Mateer, 63.79; 5th Laurel View Barney (Class 3), Christine Smyth, 62.49.


Laurel View Livery/Staff Competition

1st Clady Water Jay Jay (Class 2), Diane Jones, 66.02; 2nd My Toy Boy (Class 3), Jacqui Lewis, 65.71; 3rd Josh (Class 3), Emma McLean, 61.89.