Summer Show 2011 Results

Even though the forecast assured us there would be 0% precipitation on Sunday 14th August, rain did make an appearance in a couple of very heavy showers!  But it did not seem to dampen the spirits of the competitors and spectators at the Laurel View Annual Summer Show.

Competitors competed and were placed in the wide variety of classes that made up the Summer Show Schedule. Championships were hotly contested but in the end the big rosettes were presented to Karina McVeigh and Midnight Reflection for Young Warrior Coloured Champion with Zara Fletcher and Springwell Boy as Reserve.  The Working Hunter Horse Champion Title went to Sharon Riddell riding Ringfort India with Lizzy Graham and Harvey in Reserve. The Working Hunter Pony honours went to Champion Sophie Winn on The Ferryman and Reserve Champion Lucy Stewart on High Bent Chardonnay.

A huge debt of gratitude to competitors who came from far and wide, judges for their time and expertise, scribes and arena parties for their attention and the folk responsible for ensuring the show went on despite the grotty summer weather.

Snapping away through the showers was the Equi-Tog photographer, to see the photos taken email Tom at

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PONIES – Judge – Laurel Faloona

Class 1: Lead Rein

1st Simone Leathem, Nick; 2nd Katelyn Irvine, Maxi; 3rd Erin McCartney, Tom.

Class 2: Family Pony Lead Rein

1st Katelyn Irvine, Barney; 2nd Cameron Kerr, Hannah; 3rd Grace Morton, Taffy.

Class 3: First Ridden

1st Beth McCartney, Tom; 2nd Tori Jewiss, Sally; 3rd Jake Leathem, Jack.

Class 4: Pony Riding Class

1st Sarah Brashaw, Arabian Night; 2nd Lucy Stewart, High Bent Chardonnay.

HORSES – Judge – Violet Jackson

Class 5: Novice Horse

1st Zara Fletcher, Springwell Boy; 2nd Jean Topping, Tazaria 2; 3rd Sonia Hewitt, Embarcadero.

Class 6: Open Horse

1st Karina McVeigh, Midnight Reflection; 2nd Nicola Stewart, Clonkeen Cheeky Charmer.

Class 7: Veteran Horse

1st Audrey Leahy, Desert Maiden; 2nd Christine Hagan, Uptown Girl; 3rd Donna Creighton, Abbey.

Class 8: Cob

1st Elaine Power, Wee Chief; 2nd Jackie Manning, Wee Rosco; 3rd Karen Jeffrey, Sir Barney.

COLOURED HORSES – Judge – Violet Jackson

Class 9: Coloured Cob

1st Elaine Power, Wee Chief; 2nd Katharine Hall, McCracken; 3rd Cathy Hawkins, Tally.

Class 10: Coloured Horse 148cms & under

No entries forward

Class 11: Coloured Horse over 148cms

1st Karina McVeigh, Midnight Reflection; 2nd Zara Fletcher, Springwell Boy; 3rd Erin Faloona, Harlequin Rose.


Winners Cup donated by Artie Faulkner

Champion – Karina McVeigh, Midnight Reflection.

Reserve Champion – Zara Fletcher, Springwell Boy.

Class 12: Racehorse to Riding

No entries forward

WORKING HUNTER HORSES – Judge – Kirsten McDonald

Class 13: Newcomers – 70cms

1st Nuala McNally (nee McIvor) Teenage Kicks; 2nd Ann Hill, Chestnut Hill; 3rd Karina McVeigh, Midnight Reflection.

Class 14: 4 year olds – 70cms

1st Sharon Riddell, Ringfort India; 2nd Victoria Teuton, The Song Bird; 3rd Erin Faloona, Harlequin Rose.

Class 15: Novice Horse – 80cms

1st Sharon Riddell, Ringfort India; 2nd Stephanie Farren, Sophie Bubbles; 3rd Keith McDonald, Lisnasharragh.

Class 16: Cobs & Smalls – 80cms

1st Jenny Ferris, Killaughey Lass; 2nd Victoria Teuton, Spirit of Harwood; 3rd Simon Wylie, What a Wizard.

Class 17: Intermediate Horse – 90cms

1st Ashley Hall, Contradiction; 2nd Simon Wylie, What a Wizard; 3rd Sarah Brashaw, Rockrimmon Triple G.

Class 18: Open Horse – 1m

1st Lizzy Graham, Harvey; 2nd Rachael Graham, Charley; 3rd Jackie Hanna, Cora.

Working Hunter Horse Champion – Sharon Riddell, Ringfort India.

Working Hunter Horse Reserve Champion – Lizzy Graham, Harvey.

WORKING HUNTER PONIES – Judge – Geraldine Lowry

Class 19: Newcomers – 50cms

1st Ellie Ross, Skye.

Class 20: Cradle Stakes – 50cms

1st Sophie Winn, The Ferryman; 2nd Tori Jewiss, Sally.

Class 21: Starter Stakes – 60cms

1st Sophie Winn, The Ferryman; 2nd Laura McKay, Cracker.

Class 22: Novice Pony – 70cms

1st Lucy Stewart, High Bent Chardonnay; 2nd Charlie Jewiss, Trigger.

Class 23: Intermediate Pony – 80cms

1st Tara Murphy, Busby; 2nd Ana Desmond, Drum Bad Moon Dancer; 3rd Nicole Billings, Goblet of Fire.

Class 24: Open Pony – 90cms

1st Tara Murphy, Busby.

Working Hunter Pony Champion – Sophie Winn, The Ferryman.

Working Hunter Pony Reserve Champion – Lucy Stewart, High Bent Chardonnay.

UTILITY CLASSES – Judge – Gillian Lindsay

Class 25: Handy Pony/Horse Ridden

1st Chelsea Topping, Sammy; 2nd Katelyn Irvine, Barney; 3rd Sophie Winn, The Ferryman.

Class 26: Handy Pony/Horse Lead Rein

1st Alex McMaster, Melanie; 2nd Sam Ross, Skye; 3rd Grace Morton, Taffy.

Class 27: Young Handler

1st Emma Ewing, Muffin; 2nd Chelsea Topping, Sammy; 3rd Katelyn Irvine, Barney.


HORSE JUMPING – Judge – Emma Fleming

Class 28: 60cms

1st Claire Liddle, Davy; 2nd Joan Gibson, Megan; 3rd Rachel McConnell, Jenny.

Class 29: 75cms

1st Hannah Tisdale, Just Polly; 2nd Stephanie Farren, Sophie Bubbles; 3rd Gemma Devlin, Scrabo View Houdini.

Class 30: 90cms

1st Kelly Gray, Contradiction; 2nd Brian McFall, Lincoln; 3rd Kirsty Ferris, KMR Ronaldo.

Class 31: 1.00 metre

1st Kirsty Ferris, Doomat Clover; 2nd Jackie Hanna, Cora; 3rd Telisha Hutton, Trigger.

Class 32: 1.10 metre

1st Tristan Hutton, Trigger.

PONY  JUMPING – Judge – Emma Fleming

Class 33: 50cms

1st Ellie Ross, Skye; 2nd Laura McKay, Crackers; 3rd Katie McKay, Midnight Madness.

Class 34: 65cms

1st Amber Vick, Woody; 2nd Lauren Court, Blue; 3rd Katie McKay, Crackers.

Class 35: 80cms

1st Nicole Billings, Goblet of Fire; 2nd Jade Chambers, Ben Vardin Star; 3rd Amber Vick, Jake.

Class 36: 90cms

1st Amber Vick, Woody; 2nd Lauren Court, Mellten; 3rd Amber Vick, Woody.

Class 37: 1metre

No entries forward