Summer Show – 2.9.18

The 2018 Summer Show passed off very well, a good crowd of competitors came to take part and give the many classes their very best shot. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves, even those that didn’t end up with the trophies. Even the weather was very obliging, with no rain and just the right amount of warmth. So huge thanks to everyone who came along to take part and all the team responsible for setting up and running the show.

Read on to see who received the accolades in each class.


Summer Show




Judged by Laurel Faloona


Class 1 – Horses (Fences max. 50cms)

None Forward


Class 2 – Ponies (Fences max. 50cms)

1st Indie, Jersey Magill; 2nd Merlin, Ava Bagchus; 3rd Judy, Amelia Bannon; 4th Henry, Cayleigh Erwin; 5th Harry, Annie Morrow; 6th Addy, Katelyn Evans.


Class 3 – Horses (Fences max. 65cms)

1st Harvey, Rachel Alexander; 2nd Jack, Holly Hanvey; 3rd Cindy, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 4th Honey, Amy Murphy.


Class 4 – Ponies (Fences max. 65cms)

1st Indie, Jersey Magill; 2nd Rosco, Wilma Farquhar; 3rd Poppy, Ashley Wray; 4th Freckles, Jack Morrow; 5th Henry, Cayleigh Erwin; 6th TT, Alice Grant.


Class 5 – Horses (Fences max. 80cms)

1st Harley, Anna McCaig; 2nd Honey, Amy Murphy.


Class 6 – Ponies (Fences max. 80cms)

1st Rosco, Wilma Farquhar; 2nd TT, Alice Grant; 3rd Alfie, Ella Hill; 4th Laid Back Dude, Stephanie Fox; 5th Harry, Freya McClenaghan.


Class 7 – Horses (Fences max. 95cms)

1st Hijinx, Emma Blair.


Class 8 – Ponies (Fences max. 95cms)

1st TT, Alice Grant.



Judged by Sonia Hewitt


Class 9 – Horses (Fences max. 50cms)

1st Reach for the Stars, Carolann Barclay.


Class 10 – Ponies (Fences max. 50cms)

1st Alex, Aine Clancy; 2nd Harry, Annie Morrow.


Class 11 – Horses (Fences max. 65cms)

1st Harvey, Natalie Kelly; 2nd Reach for the Stars, Carolann Barclay.


Class 12 – Ponies (Fences max. 65cms)

1st Freckles, Jack Morrow; 2nd Sugar, Aaron Duncan; 3rd Alex, Aine Clancy.


Class 13 – Horses (Fences max. 80cms)

1st Harvey, Natalie Kelly; 2nd Carrabawn Jewel, Catherine Patterson; 3rd Harley, Anna McCaig.


Class 14 – Ponies (Fences max. 80cms)

1st TT, Alice Grant; 2nd Ratheen Sam, Shannon Carruthers; 3rd Alfie, Ella Hill.


Class 15 – Horses (Fences max. 95cms)

1st Rosso Tramonto, Bianca McElnea.


Class 16 – Ponies (Fences max. 95cms)

None forward.



Judged by Robert Davis


Class 17 – Over 14.2hh

1st Rab, Helen Gage; 2nd Harvey, Rachel Alexander; 3rd Reach for the Stars, Carolann Barclay; 4th Jack, Holly Hanvey.


Class 18 – 14.2hh & under

1st Skipper, Lucy McDowell; 2nd Merlin, Ava Bagchus; 3rd Dawny, Lauren Alexander; 4th Addy, Katelyn Evans; 5th Spartacus, Megan Matthews; 6th Roxy, Brooke Mawhinney.

* Please note these results have been amended to correct an error in the previously announced results.


Class 19 – Assisted

1st Millie, Jaden Farren; 2nd Teddy, Imogen Hillis; 3rd Princess Belle, Kaila Arundel; 4th Barney, Annabelle Manson; 5th Stellar, Isla Hanna; 6th TT, Louis Magill.


Class 20 – Handler (obstacle course in hand)

1st Cindy, Amy-Lee Hanvey.



Judged by Ellie Miskelly


Class 21 – Coloured – over 14.2hh

1st Rosso Tramonto, Bianca McElnea; 2nd Fonz, Rachael Lennox; 3rd Cree, Ellis Platt-Lea; 4th Harvey, Rachel Alexander; 5th Lily, Chloe Hunt.


Class 22 – Coloured – 14.2hh & under

1st Indie, Jersey Magill; 2nd Jupiter, Leeanne Adams.



Winners Cup donated by Artie Faulkner

Champion – Rosso Tramonto, Bianca McElnea; Reserve Champion – Fonz, Rachael Lennox.


Class 23 – Lead Rein

1st Barney, Annabelle Manson; 2nd Teddy, Imogen Hillis; 3rd Stellar, Isla Hanna; 4th Millie, Jaden Farren; 5th Becky, Paige Hoey; 6th Starlight, Callie Patterson.


Class 24 – First Ridden

1st Spartacus, Megan Matthews; 2nd Becky, Harvey Hoey; 3rd Roxy, Morgan Mawhinney; 4th Spike, Ross Magill; 5th Barney, Annabelle Manson; 6th Teddy, Imogen Hillis.


Class 25 – Ridden Pony

1st Titch, Megan Houston; 2nd Indie, Jersey Magill; 3rd Dawny, Lauren Alexander.


Class 26 – Ridden M&M

1st Shanaghy Star, Colleen Murtagh; 2nd Jessie, Holly McClenaghan; 3rd Ratheen Sam, Shannon Carruthers; 4th Alex, Aine Clancy.


Class 27 – Ridden Cob

1st Treacle, Amanda Burns.                                            


Class 28 – Ridden Horse

1st Titch, Megan Houston; 2nd Harvey, Natalie Kelly; 3rd Seapatrick Dee Dee, Chloe Baxter; 4th Chandon, Leah Kirk.


Class 29 – Ridden Veteran (horse or pony over 14 years)

1st Harry, Freya McClenaghan; 2nd Treacle, Amanda Burns; 3rd Spartacus, Megan Matthews; 4th Roxy, Brooke Mawhinney.


Class 30 – Ridden Traditional

None forward.