Summer Show – 1.9.19

Not so sure the weather forecast got the memo that it was our “Summer” Show today as one extremely heavy shower mid day could not have been described as a summer shower and left a lot of folk rather soggy for a while. But despite the downpour the atmosphere was warm and the competition hot.

Huge thanks to everyone for coming along to support the show and to all our lovely judges and scribes, not forgetting the entire Laurel View team, you know what I’m going to say “There’s no show without you!!”

Anyhow time for you peruse this long list of results and give yourself a big pat on the back if you have made it into the top places. Before you read on you could always take note of the Halloween Show date of 3rd November, for some more show jumping and obstacle course opportunities.


Summer Show




Judged by Geraldine Lowry 


Class 1 – Horses (Fences max. 50cms)

1st Vechtress, Amber Kirkwood; 2nd Murphy, Lucy McDowell; 3rd Diablo, Jessica Kelly; 4th Rogue, Cheryl Smyth.


Class 2 – Ponies (Fences max. 50cms)

1st Boris, Katie Longmuir; 2nd Moorland Summer Wind, Becky Woodside; 3rd Jasper, Georgia Rea; 4th Belle, Lucas Young; 5th ALS Rosetti, Kezaia Boyce; 6th Harry, Annie Morrow.


Class 3 – Horses (Fences max. 65cms)

1st Ben, Rebecca Mullan; 2nd Cindy, Katelyn Evans; 3rd Cherry, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 4th Murphy, Lucy McDowell.


Class 4 – Ponies (Fences max. 65cms)

1st Henry, Ella Lindsay; 2nd Daisy, Maddie Miskimmin.


Class 5 – Horses (Fences max. 80cms)

1st Titan, Cheryl Smyth; 2nd Indie, Paula Miskimmin; 3rd Lucy, Ben Johnston; 4th Max, Sam Nixey; 5th Cindy, Katelyn Evans; 6th Bally Moe, Sarah Glover.


Class 6 – Ponies (Fences max. 80cms)

1st Ech Feirin, Holly Ross; 2nd Champ, Alison Stewart; 3rd Jodie, Mya Morrison; 4th Pixie, Erin McCrea; 5th Bonnie, Jack Morrow; 6th Paddy, Rebecca Horner.


Class 7 – Horses (Fences max. 95cms)

1st Titan, Cheryl Smyth; 2nd Max, Sam Nixey; 3rd Lucy, Ben Johnston.


Class 8 – Ponies (Fences max. 95cms)

1st Pippa, Cora McNulty; 2nd Pixie, Erin McCrea; 3rd Ech Feirin, Holly Ross; 4th Jodie, Mya Morrison.



Judged by Angela Dundee and Beth McFarland


Class 9 – Horses (Fences max. 50cms)

None forward.


Class 10 – Ponies (Fences max. 50cms)

1st Harry, Annie Morrow; 2nd Sparrow, Lauren Gordon; 3rd Sugar, Ross Magill.


Class 11 – Horses (Fences max. 65cms)

1st Donnie, Megan Mullen; 2nd Barney, Donna Barron; 3rd Cherry, Amy-Lee Hanvey.


Class 12 – Ponies (Fences max. 65cms)

1st Henry, Ella Lindsay; 2nd tie Eoghan, Rachel Simons and Rowan, Megan Houston; 4th Breeze, Chloe Stewart; 5th GG Silhouette, Bethany Smith; 6th GG Royal Wedding, Bethany Smith.


Class 13 – Horses (Fences max. 80cms)

1st Dawn, Lana Turner; 2nd The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 3rd Bally Moe, Sarah Glover; 4th Donnie, Megan Mullen; 5th Barney, Donna Barron.


Class 14 – Ponies (Fences max. 80cms)

1st tie Star, Cormac Murtagh and Eoghan, Rachel Simons; 3rd Bridge, Kate Spence; 4th Bonnie, Jack Morrow; 5th RJ, Anna McErlean; 6th Warrior Bob, Victoria Greenaway.


Class 15 – Horses (Fences max. 95cms)

None forward.


Class 16 – Ponies (Fences max. 95cms)

1st Ted, Alex Watt; 2nd Pippa, Cora McNulty.



Judged by Robert Davis


Class 17 – Over 14.2hh

1st Rogue, Scarlet Thompson; 2nd Rogue, Sheryl Smyth; 3rd Champ, Kristina Fryers; 4th Cindy, Katelyn Evans.


Class 18 – 14.2hh & under

1st Jasper, Georgia Rea; 2nd Jolie Dalton, Sparky; 3rd Belle, Lucas Young; 4th Dapple, Mark Ross; 5th ALS Rosetti, Kezaia Boyce.


Class 19 – Assisted

1st Millie, Jaden Farren; 2nd Matilda, Hannah Kernohan; 3rd Stellar, Isla Hanna; 4th Popcorn, Harvey Ross; 5th Belle, Max Young; 6th Honey, Beth McDowell.


Class 20 – Handler (obstacle course in hand)

1st Millie, Jaden Farren; 2nd Sha Khan, Holly McKeown.



Judged by Sonia Hewitt


Class 21 – Coloured – over 14.2hh

1st My Toy Boy, Jacqui Lewis; 2nd Puzzle, Libby Anderson.


Class 22 – Coloured – 14.2hh & under

1st Bridge, Kate Spence; 2nd Mix n Match, Niamh Martin; 3rd Warrior Bob, Victoria Greenaway; 4th Jasper, Georgia Rea; 5th Jupiter, Leanne Adams, 6th Belle, Lucas Young.



Winners Cup donated by Artie Faulkner

Champion – Bridge, Kate Spence; Reserve Champion – Mix n Match, Niamh Martin.


Class 23 – Lead Rein

1st Stellar, Isla Hanna; 2nd Llafar Bartez, Amelia Logan; 3rd Honey, Kate McDowell; 4th Jo Jo, Rhianne McFall; 5th Matilda, Hannah Kernohan.


Class 24 – First Ridden

1st Moonlight, Maisie Elliott; 2nd Sparky, Jolie Dalton; 3rd Sugar, Ross Magill; 4th Teddy, Imogen Hillis.


Class 25 – Ridden Pony

1st Henry, Ella Lindsay; 2nd Mix n Match, Niamh Martin; 3rd Pippa, Cora McNulty; 4th ALS Rosetti, Kezaia Boyce; 5th Torreen Boy, Ellen McDonald; 6th Jasper, Georgia Rea.


Class 26 – Ridden M&M

1st Rowan, Megan Houston; 2nd Star, Colleen Murtagh; 3rd RJ, Anna McErlean; 4th Touch of Class, Lisa Dundee; 5th Eoghan, Rachel Simons; 6th Boris, Katie Longmuir.


Class 27 – Ridden Cob

1st Greystone Golden Lady, Elaine Leinster.                                            


Class 28 – Ridden Horse

1st Rachel, Helen Hoffin; 2nd Dunaghy Dream, Sarah Carlile.


Class 29 – Ridden Veteran (horse or pony over 14 years)

1st Bally Moe, Sarah Glover; 2nd Rachel, Helen Hoffin; 3rd Dreamer, Katie Agnew; 4th Greystone Golden Lady, Elaine Leinster; 5th Portia, Audrey Leahy; 6th Zody, Claire Young.