Summer Dressage League Results

When all the scores were totted up the folk listed below were on the honours list.  Congratulations one and all, it has been a great league and your position on the league results list is a great credit to you.

The summer league may be over now, but don’t worry you won’t have to suffer withdrawal symptoms as the Winter League gets underway on Sunday 6th October đŸ™‚


Class 1 – Walk/trot

1st A Day on the Dub, Lucy Telford, 206.98

2nd Laurel View Sindy, Simon Wylie, 206.25

3rd Liquorice Allsorts, Amanda Burns, 201.11

4th Dusk, Abi Gill, 196.52

5th Henry, Annmarie Scott, 192.61

6th Ajay, Lauren Hill, 192.31


Class 2 – Newcomers

1st Orage Sauvage, Sheryl McBride, 197.75

2nd McCracken, Katherine Hall, 192.70

3rd Drummena Hill, Kenzi Potter, 189.95

4th Laurel View Sparky, Holly McKeown, 187.92

5th Laurel View Pippa, Sharka Gerhardus, 186.59

6th Addy, Sophie McGuckin, 186.15


Class 3 – Prelim

1st Mossbrook Ferrelle, Sylvia Henry, 242.35

2nd Lenamore Master Maguire, Janene Gamble, 215.43

3rd Lara, Jo McKelvie, 212.00

4th Jamaica, Vicky Slater, 209.59

5th Schuey, Rachel Black, 205.28

6th The Ferryman, Sophie Winn, 202.55


Class 4 – Prelim

1st Joshi J, Amy Neill, 201.97

2nd Laurel Hill Evie, Kristine Lynch, 195.34

3rd Rosie, Emma McLean, 194.55

4th McCracken, Connie Jordan, 178.32


Class 5 – Novice

1st Furisto Seven For A Secret, Jill Hobson, 195.85

2nd Rosie, Emma McLean, 185.45


Class 6 – Open

1st Ardenza Gem (Elem), Elaine Morrow, 214.82

2nd Ringfort Nimmerdino (Elem), Geraldine Lowry, 197.22

3rd Ardenza Gem (Med), Elaine Morrow, 185.72