Summer Dressage League Results

We have a tremendous summer of dressage at Laurel View, with some exceptionally well supported and highly contested classes. But detailed below are all those that have earned their accolades in this Summer’s League. 

Please take a bow.


Summer Dressage League Results


Classes 1 – 6 placings are calculated on the total of each pairings best two % scores plus the final % score


Class 1 – Walk/Trot

1st My Little Black Beauty, Janine Austin, 210.44; 2nd Jasper, Georgia Rea, 206.96; 3rd Space Invader, Leanne Adams, 206.30; 4th Breakfast at Tiffanys, Jennifer Hamill, 205.65; 5th Summer, Julie Dauncey, 203.05; 6th Heather, Diane Sefton, 201.08.


Class 2 – Prelim A

1st Zena, Sarah Sproule, 213.99; 2nd Zayn, Samantha Hamilton, 209.61; 3rd The Miller Way, Chloe Brophy, 207.25.


Class 3 – Prelim B

1st Rainbow, Sarah Sproule, 224.12; 2nd Pippa, Cora McNulty, 204.60.


Class 4 – Prelim C

1st Ebony, Penny Murphy, 207.85; 2nd Pippa, Cora McNulty, 207.37; 3rd Mr Finnigan, Kate Higgins, 191.22.


Class 5 – Novice

1st Quality Galore, Michelle Strange, 203.37; 2nd Ebony, Penny Murphy, 202.23; 3rd My Toy Boy, Jacqui Lewis, 193.49; 4th Beechmount Reeba, Meaghann Crawford, 186.78.


Class 6 – Open

1st Arctic Eclipse (S/Saddle), Robyn Catterall, 214.06; 2nd Derrivane Danny (Med), Helen Faulkner, 204.76; 3rd Beechmount Baxter (Adv Med), Linda McIlwaine, 192.74; 4th Beechmount Baxter (Med), Linda McIlwaine, 191.33; 5th My Toy Boy (Nov), Jacqui Lewis, 191.15; 6th Quality Galore (Nov), Michelle Strange, 190.70.


The following special classes are calculated on the riders average scores throughout the League.


Riding School Competition

We are particularly delighted to have 14 members of the Riding School taking part in the dressage league competition, some of them placing highly in the league classes, but we like to mark the best overall averages for those who have ridden our riding school horses and ponies at least twice in the league competitions.

1st Laura (Class 1), Finn Doherty, 66.74; 2nd Heather (Class 1), Diane Sefton, 66.47; 3rd Ben & Keady (Class 1), Eve McGreevy, 66.16; 4th Sparky (Class 1), Alice Jones, 65.65; 5th Rab (Class 1), Helen Gage, 65.52; 6th Toby (Class 1), Amy-Lee Hanvey, 64.46.


Laurel View Livery/Staff Competition

A bit of healthy competition between staff and livery never does any harm, read on to see who took the top spots in this league. 

1st Pippa (Classes 3, 4 & 5), Cora McNulty, 67.43; 2nd Super Sox (Classes 2 & 3), Orla Carmichael, 67.34; 3rd Sha Khan (Class 1), Holly McKeown, 66.85; 4th My Toy Boy (Classes 5 & 6 (Nov)), Jacqui Lewis, 63.57; 5th Dunaghy Dream (Class 1), Sarah Carlile, 62.72; 6th Ben (Class 3), Rebecca Mullan, 62.69.