Summer Dressage League Results

It’s been another very well supported league at Laurel View, thank you to everyone who makes this possible, not least the competitors who make it all worthwhile.


Summer Dressage League Results


Class 1


1st Tiger Lilly, Vicky Marsden, 208.57; 2nd Apache Dove, Cindy Cunningham, 204.57; 3rd Nano, Stephanie Glasgow, 203.05; 4th Laurel View Tally, Diane Sefton, 200.67; 5th Plan B, Nikki McAlister, 197.53; 6th Its Just Jake, Holly Reilly, 195.00.


Class 2


1st Villas Dream, Caroline Chambers, 210.79; 2nd Amazon, Gillian McCann, 204.17; 3rd Ajay, Lauren Hill, 197.71; 4th Jeannie, Angela Hutchinson, 196.70;

5th Shakhan, Joy Hegarty, 195.17; 6th Laurel View Roly, Holly McKeown , 189.10.


Class 3


1st Oakhill Charm, Jennifer McCann, 211.45; 2nd Wizard of Oz, Sophie Winn, 202.50; 3rd Josh, Emma McLean, 200.83; 4th Megan, Joan Gibson, 195.79; 5th Magic, Claire Robinson, 194.33; 6th Barney, Christine Smyth, 194.21.


Class 4


1st Tick-it, Penny Murphy, 223.31; 2nd Beechmount Baxter, Linda McIlwaine, 222.46; 3rd Oakhill Charm, Jennifer McCann, 215.32; 4th Magic, Claire Robinson, 191.57; 5th Josh, Emma McLean, 187.94.


Class 5


1st Beechmount Baxter, Linda McIlwaine, 222.13; 2nd Tick-it, Penny Murphy, 221.60.


Class 6


1st Zidane (Adv Med), Lucy Webb, 203.66.



Special mention and an extra list of winners for our Riding School Students, the final placings were decided using the average score throughout the league for all those competing at the final.

Riding School Competition


1st Tally (Class 1), Diane Sefton, 66.89; 2nd Tinker/Rab (Class 1), Sarah Saied, 65.23; 3rd Keady/Rab (Class 1), Rhea Saunders, 64.92; 4th Barney (Class 3), Christine Smyth, 62.94; 5th Silver (Class 2), Chloe Kincaid, 61.07; 6th Roly (Class 2), Holly McKeown , 60.64.


A number of the qualifying competitors weren’t able to make it our final as it unfortunately coincided with the National Finals in Cavan and we also lost a few to Burleigh Horse Trials.  I trust the results in Cavan were favourable, we have already heard some very good reports.  The league competitors at the final back in the Laurel View are hopefully equally pleased with their performances and we look forward to welcoming you all back to the Winter League which gets underway on the 12th October.