Summer Dressage League Final

Really I don’t know what I have been doing, I see I haven’t even posted the dressage final on Sunday to our upcoming events. Good job it’s raining outside, I think I am going to have to glue myself in front of this computer to get things up to date.  Anyhow these are the tests for Sunday, its the final of our Summer League, but all competitors will be most welcome. Entries preferably by Wednesday 12th September (today) or definitely by noon tomorrow (Thursday 13th)

Apologies for not getting this up on the web page sooner, better late than never. Hope to see you Sunday.

Class 1:    BD Intro B (walk, trot test)            

Class 2:    PC C Level Test (12) (Newcomers)

Class 3:    Prelim 14 (06)                          

Class 4:    Prelim 19 (08) Long 

Class 5:    Nov 23 (12) Long

Class 6:    Open Class:  Nov 38 (05); Elem 44 (02); Med 75 (02); Adv Med 94 (02); Adv 108 (11)