Summer Dressage League (2 of 5) – 2.6.24

Time is just running away with me altogether, I can’t believe we are around to June already and the second leg of the Laurel View Summer Dressage League. The times for the June competition are all listed below. Hopefully everyones times work out ok, any problems, please get in touch and we will jiggle things if we can. If you aren’t going to be able to get our length on Sunday, then please do get in touch to let us know. 

With this only the second competition of the league, there is still plenty of time to qualify for the league competition. Its competitors best two scores that are added to their score at the final to calculate who ends up being the league winners. Obviously entrants need to be on the same horse and in the same class or classes throughout to qualify.

As an extra incentive this Summer, we have been kindly sponsored an NRG all sport ultra robe which will go to the competitor with highest overall league qualifying score. Check out the NRG all sport ultra robe collection 🙂

Cl 3 Prelim 7  
9.54 Andrew Ross Sunny
10.00 Wendy Forsythe Tifftarney PJ Gold
10.06 Joanna McNamee Loughmelvin Cross Naofa
10.12 Sam Taylor Star
10.18 Emily McNally Dargento
10.24 Lorraine Cardwell Barney
10.30 Natasha Brogan Luna
10.36 BREAK
Cl 2 Prelim 2  
10.42 Sam Taylor Star
10.48 Wendy Forsythe Tifftarney PJ Gold
10.54 Mya Morrison Reva
11.00 Shane McKeever Rio
11.06 Rebecca Mullan Kenzi
11.12 BREAK
11.18 Sophia McKay Clyngim Sion
11.24 Jackie Loughran Freddie
11.30 Rachel Williams Bonnie
11.36 Shane McKeever Ernie
11.42 Samantha Hamilton Zuri
11.48 BREAK
11.54 BREAK
Cl 1 BD Intro B  
1.30 Flora Clark Toby
1.36 Gideon Williams Lilly
1.42 Elizabeth Smith Rocky
1.48 Sarah Kee Freya
1.54 Kristina Fryers Autumn Dream
2.00 Kerri Pitman Royal Road
2.06 Rachel Bell Slade
2.12 Holly McCandless Sir Max
2.18 Lena Twardzicka Addy
2.24 BREAK
2.30 Samantha Hamilton Zuri
2.36 Sarah-Grace Blelock Ben
2.42 Anna Kelly Silver
2.48 Sarah Kee Bonnie
2.54 Hannah Hill Armelina
3.00 Ruby Mercer Alfie
3.06 Michelle Waring Clarke
3.12 Sarah Bates Sierra
3.18 BREAK
3.24 Annabel Manson Jessie
3.30 Christine Newton Ted
3.36 Katie McClay Triplicate
3.42 Rebecca Mullan Mischief Managed
3.48 Emily Honan Jack
3.54 Mya McKay Jamie
4.00 Anne Hill Blaze Tempo
4.06 Katie Watt Hugo
4.12 Shelley Jenkins Astor
Cl 4 Prelim 14  
12.00 BREAK
12.06 BREAK
12.12 Emily McNally Dargento
12.18 Lorraine Cardwell Barney
12.24 Jennifer Kingsmill Ludovik K
12.30 Sandra Campbell Rosog Jodi
12.36 Holly Hamill Jetland Lad
12.42 Cheryl Lawther Ollie
12.48 Helen Hoffin Rachel
12.54 BREAK
Cl 5 Novice 30  
1.00 BREAK
1.06 Carole Young Bailey
1.12 Sharon McKeever Ernie
1.18 Helen Hoffin Rachel
1.24 Nicole Peoples Ballyhindon Boy
1.30 Kerry Sloan Ace of Clubs
1.36 Tracey Manson Gortfree Merry
1.42 Zoe Daniel Pinnochio
1.48 Erin McCrea Rubane Candy
Cl 6 Open (Novice 23)  
2.06 Tracey Manson Gortfree Merry
2.12 Zoe Daniel Pinnochio
2.18 Daryl McKinney Ballylin Ben
2.24 Diane O’Donovan Clarouse
2.30 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Elem 43)  
2.36 Erin McCrea Rubane Candy
2.42 Jayne Woodward Boycie
2.48 Daryl McKinney Ballylin Ben
2.54 Kristine Lynch Easy
3.00 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Med 69)  
3.06 Ellen McDonald Dante