Summer Dressage League (2 of 5) – 12.6.22

It’s scary how quickly time is zipping by, so take note of the June Dressage test schedule and send your entries through by noon on Thursday 9th June. 🙂

Remember to qualify for the Laurel View Summer Dressage League you need to compete at least twice in the same combo, in the same class over the May – August competitions and then again at the final in September. You can compete at every competition if you wish and then your best two scores plus the score at the final go towards deciding your position in the league.

Class 1: BD Intro B (09) – walk, trot test                      

Class 2: BD Prelim 2 (16)

Class 3: BD Prelim 7 (02)                                  

Class 4: BD Prelim 14 (06)                      

Class 5: BD Nov 30 (06)                                  

Class 6: Open: BD Nov 23 (12); BD Elem 43 (06); BD Med 69 (05); BD Adv Med 91 (16)