Summer Dressage League – 12.5.13

We live in hope that we will have some Summer weather to suit our Summer league.  The first leg of the league is scheduled to start on Sunday 12th May.

Here are the classes and tests for the first leg of the Summer Dressage League

Class 1: PC D Level (walk, trot test)

Class 2: PC C Level (Newcomers)             

Class 3: Prelim 7(02)                         

Class 4: Prelim 13 (06)                                

Class 5: Nov 24 (10)      

Class 6: Open Class: Nov 22 (07); Elem 40(10); Med 61 (02); Adv Med 94 (02)

Entries please in whatever form they come by noon on the Thursday preceding the competition.  Times then should on the website by 5pm on the Friday if we are running according to plan.