Summer Dressage League (1 of 5) – 12.5.24

There is a big yellow thing in the sky at the minute and I’m that attracted to it, I nearly forgot to post the times for Sundays competition. But here they are now for the first leg of the Summer 24 Dressage League. 

I have endeavoured to accommodate as many timing requests as possible, so hopefully your given time(s) will work for you. If not, or if something happens to stop you getting to Laurel View, please do get in touch to let us know. 🙂 

We’re looking forward to getting another league underway. Competitors are always most welcome, at any stage throughout the league, even if they are not trying to qualify for the league. Remember its your best two scores that are added to your score at the final to calculate who the league winners are. They do need to be the same horse/rider combo, in the same class or classes throughout.

This summer we have an extra incentive to aim towards a league qualification as we have been kindly sponsored an NRG all sport ultra robe to the competitor with highest overall league qualifying score. Have a look at what you could win 🙂

Cl 3 Prelim 2  
9.30 Megan Leigh Touch of Blackice
9.36 Joanna McNamee Loughmelvin Cross Naofa
9.42 Megan Matthews Rocky
9.48 Emily McNally Dargento
9.54 BREAK
10.00 Lorraine Cardwell Barney
10.06 Lucy Marshall Beau
10.12 Debbie McClean Sunny
10.18 Megan Leigh Touch of Quality
10.24 BREAK
10.30 BREAK
Cl 2 Prelim 1  
11.18 BREAK
11.24 Lorraine Cardwell Barney
11.30 Lucy Marshall Beau
11.36 Gillian Graham Gorsehill Charmer
11.42 Eileen O’Boyle Blue
11.48 Fiona McRobert Konfetti
11.54 Sam Taylor Star
12.00 BREAK
12.06 BREAK
12.12 Sharon McKeever Ernie
12.18 Fiona McRobert Konfetti HC
12.24 Rachel Williams Bonnie
12.30 Mel Surgenor Follow That Dream
12.36 Caoimhe Scullion Branraduff Tom
12.42 Shane McKeever Ernie
12.48 BREAK
Cl 1 BD Intro A  
12.54 Caoimhe Scullion Branraduff Tom
1.00 Jackie Hanna Jess
1.06 Elizabeth Smith Rocky
1.12 Rachel Hunter Townend Lionheart
1.18 Elin Pommer Trunorth Honey Pots
1.24 Gideon Williams Lily
1.30 BREAK
1.36 BREAK
1.42 Holly Hamill Jetland Lad
1.48 Michelle Waring Clarke
1.54 Lena Twardzicka Addy
2.00 Anna Kelly Silver
2.06 Kim Murphy Teddy
2.12 Rachel Bell Slade
2.18 Sarah-Grace Blelock Ben
2.24 BREAK
2.30 BREAK
2.36 Victoria King Limited Edition
2.42 Sophie Christie Winnie
2.48 Holly Hanvey Copper
2.54 Alison Bell Rags
3.00 Isla Hanna Brian
3.06 Jayne Robinson Rosie
Cl 5 Novice 28  
10.42 Martina McKinley Will Scarlet
10.48 Allison Matthews Ellie-May
10.54 Carole Young Bailey
11.00 BREAK
Cl 4 Prelim 13  
11.06 BREAK
11.12 Debbie McClean Sunny
11.18 Sam Taylor Star
11.24 Anna McErlean Tango
11.30 Kate Higgins Lord Finnigan
11.36 Helen Hoffin Rachel
11.42 Lindsay Gault Winston
11.48 Sandra Campbell Rosog Jodi
Cl 6 Open (Novice 22)  
12.12 Jayne Woodward Boycie
12.18 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Adv Med 85)  
12.24 Mark Robinson Monty
12.30 BREAK
Cl 6 Open (Elem 40)  
12.36 Jacqui Lewis Dunore Fast and Furious
12.42 Jayne Woodward Boycie