Summer Derby League (3 of 4) – 5.8.12

Still more rain prior to Sunday 5th August kept the third leg of the Laurel View “Summer” Derby League in the sand arena.  Even it had unplanned water features, as if the challenge of remembering the derby course was not enough, but the competitors all give it their best shot and seemed to enjoy doing so despite the weather.


Bit of a bumpy start over the 60cms with noone managing to pull anything close to a clear round, but they still got excellent value for their entry as it went to jump offs to sort out the rosettes anyhow.  In the end it was Amy and Kathy Quigg, with Jimmy and Edana Butler close on their heels in second.


The jumps went up to seventy and so did the entries with the biggest class of the day.  Plenty of excitement as the seventies also were decided by the crowd pleasing jump offs.  Four clear rounds over the course, but only one clear in the jump off earned Harvey and Chloe Wright the top spot, fastest of the four faulters in the jump off were Rosie and Tamara McErlain.



85cms followed 70, two clear rounds left the top two riders sorting it out over the jump off course, with Rosso Tramonto and Bianca McElnea picking up 4 faults, 4 less than Cookie and Ellen Jayne Hill, left the red rosette to go home with Rosso Tramonto and Bianca.


Holly Wray and Baxter won the metre class outright with the only clear round, it was only second that had to be contended for and after a jump it was Shy and Alison McKean that took the blue rosette.


The final on 2nd September will not be long in coming round. All are welcome, but only those who have competed in the same horse/rider combo at some point in the league will qualify to compete for the class cash prize fund. At the final the start time is 12.30pm with the 60cm as usual, then moving on up through the 70cm, 85cm and a metre.





Summer Derby (3 of 4) – 5/8/12


60 cms – 1st Amy, Kathy Quigg; 2nd Jimmy, Edana Butler; 3rd Chino, Cathy Burnett, 4th Addy, Sophie McGuckin.


70 cms – 1st Harvey, Chloe Wright; 2nd Rosie, Tamara McErlain; 3rd Mayo, Morgan Skillen; 4th Rosie, Emma Brady; 5th Skye, Ellie Ross; 6th Rio, Emma Allen.


85cms – 1st Rosso Tramonto, Bianca McElnea; 2nd Cookie, Ellen Jayne Hill; 3rd Inisfree, Joanna McNamee; 4th Marley, Donna Dawson; 5th Mayo, Morgan Skillen; 6th Spencer, Nuala McNally.


1m – 1st Baxter, Holly Wray; 2nd Shy, Alsion McKean; 3rd Revo, Joy Lindsay; 4th Rosso Tramonto, Bianca McElnea.