Summer Derby League (1 of 4) 27.5.12

Sunday 27th May was a glorious day, perfect for some derby fun in the sun as the Laurel View Summer Derby League got underway.  With the twists and turns of the course, the timer ticking, all was set for action.

The 60cm red rosette was claimed by Elmo and Emma Allen after a jump off with Rupert and Penny Murphy who took the blue. Jimmy Choo ridden by Edana Butler and Carter with Uli Niens tied for third place.

Sensational seventies in the sun, Skye and Ellie Ross came out smiling when they rode a smashing clear round to claim first place in the 70’s derby class. True Love and June Ellenberg came up trumps when they had the edge in the jump off and took second, a few seconds behind was Edana Butler on Bella.  The 4th went to Bob and Donna Barron.  A 5th for Nuala McNally and Spencer and the 6th place rosette to Star and Kerry Taylor.

Double clears for Tara Murphy on Made in Japan and Erin Faloona on Dee meant that a jump off was needed before the top spot in the 85cm could be declared. After the jump off it was Tara that had the edge and took the red. With two on four faults a jump off was required to sort out 3rd and 4th, in the end the 3rd was awarded to Mimi Joffroy riding Colours r Us, with a 4th for Lady Phoenix and Melanie Moorhead. Foxy and Sharon Riddell went home with a 5th place rosette and Ballybrack Tom and Louise Houston with the 6th.

Bobby Socks and Neil Gault were the outright winners of the metre class, with noone else making it to the finish line to contest their position.

The sunshine no doubt helped, but the atmosphere was super and even competitors who had ended up with an elimination enjoyed themselves so much in the Derby playground that they want to come back for more.  The next leg of the league is scheduled for Sunday 1st July, so pop the date into your diary now to make sure not to miss out.  No need to wait until July as if the weather plays ball it will be possible to hire the playground for schooling, contact the office on 028 9083 0649 to check availability.



1st Elmo, Emma Allen; 2nd Rupert, Penny Murphy; 3rd tie Jimmy Choo, Edana Butler and Carter, Uli Niens.


1st Skye, Ellie Ross; 2nd True Love, June Ellenberg; 3rd Bella, Edana Butler; 4th Bob, Donna Barron; 5th Spencer, Nuala McNally; 6th Star, Kerry Taylor.


1st Made in Japan, Tara Murphy; 2nd Dee, Erin Faloona; 3rd Colours r Us, Mimi Joffroy; 4th Lady Phoenix, Melanie Moorhead; 5th Foxy, Sharon Riddell; 6th Ballybrack Tom, Louise Houston.


1st Bobby Socks, Neil Gault.