Summer 2023 Dressage League Results

The dressage competition on Sunday 10th September was also the final of a successful summer league. All the scores were totted up to give the list of worthy winners below.

Special mention to those claiming the sought after red rosette. In the Intro class the aptly named Sunny won the Summer league with Debbie McClean in the saddle. Linda McIlwaine and her new four legged partner Roundthorn Oreo picked up firsts for Classes 2 & 3, so this partnership has got off to an excellent start. First prize in Class 4 and also the unofficial prize for the longest name combination went to Riverbourne Exclusive Echo and Samantha Hamilton. Novice honours went to Barbara Hanna and Maverick, while top of the Open Class went to Laura King riding Bella. 

As is customary we award two special classes, one for Riding School students on the Laurel View horses and ponies. It is particularly pleasing to see some of these combinations appearing in the regular class results as well. The second special class is a competition between the Laurel View Staff and Liveries. Scroll to the bottom of the results for the Summer 2023 winners of these special classes.

It won’t be long at all before the Winter league comes around, starting on 1st October, we look forward to seeing how these winners get on as some progress into the next class up. But for now we will leave the winners below basking in the glow of their success in the Summer league.

Summer 23 Dressage League Results

Classes 1-6 (Calculated using best two scores, plus score at final)

Class 1 – Intro

1st Sunny, Debbie McClean, 219.34; 2nd Schumi, Sophia McKay, 207.17; 3rd Ellie Mae, Darcie Baguley, 206.31; 4th Lady, Mel Surgenor, 206.09; 5th Betsy, Leanne Adams, 205.87; 6th Amadan, Rebekah Blakely, 203.70.

Class 2 – Prelim A

1st Roundthorn Oreo, Linda McIlwaine, 226.17; 2nd Ben, Caoimhe Scullion, 204.85; 3rd Dargento, Emily McNally, 196.86; 4th Freddie, Jackie Loughran, 195.74; 5th Little Black Beauty, Janine Austin, 193.67; 6th Blaze Tempo, Anne Hill, 191.59.

Class 3 – Prelim B

1st Roundthorn Oreo, Linda McIlwaine, 226.94; 2nd Riverbourne Masterpiece, Samantha Hamilton, 218.19; 3rd Amadan, Rebekah Blakely, 202.59.

Class 4 – Prelim C

1st Riverbourne Exclusive Echo, Samantha Hamilton, 219.07; 2nd Peri, Jo McKelvie, 208.23; 3rd Reva, Mya Morrison, 198.73.

Class 5 – Novice

1st Maverick, Barbara Hanna, 210.57; 2nd Peri, Jo McKelvie, 208.09; 3rd Sorrento Moon, Jane Smith, 201.30.

Class 6 – Open

1st Bella (Nov), Laura King, 208.57; 2nd Larkin (Elem), Lisa Ferguson, 205.80; 3rd Bella (Elem), Laura King, 201.48.

Special classes (Calculated using average score throughout league)

Riding School Competition

1st Ben (Class 2), Caoimhe Scullion, 67.09; 2nd Connie & Admiral (Class 1), Emer Dunlop, 65.44; 3rd Johnathan & Barney (Class 1), Alice Lutton, 64.96; 4th Dargento (Class 2), Emily McNally, 64.94; 5th Copper (Class 1), Holly Hanvey, 64.35; 6th Jack (Class 1), Emily Honan, 63.48.

Laurel View Livery/Staff Competition  

1st Ossie Man (Class 3), Alara Terak, 69.67; 2nd Casper & Wizard of Oz (Classes 1, 2 & PC), Hannah Kernohan, 69.42; 3rd Lily (Class 1), Darcie Baguley, 68.77; 4th Sweet Lady of Mystery & Pippi Longstocking IV (Classes 1 & 2), Zara Jones, 68.57; 5th Betsy (Class 1), Leanne Adams, 67.93; 6th Schumi (Class 1), Sophia McKay, 67.50.