STAR Charity Dressage Show 15.1.12

There are always plenty of stars on display at dressage shows, but the main STAR in question at the Laurel View Charity Show on Sunday 15th January was Summer Team Aid Romania.

An early start was necessary due to the fantastic entries in all classes.  The Open Class competitors were the first to compete before Alison Mastin Moore in the Judges chair. When all the scores were totted up and the results delivered the top six received a fantastic selection of goodies sponsored by Botanica. The top score in the class was awarded to Lynne Robinson riding the Elementary test on VSH Wunderbar, second went to Lucca Stubbington and Kilminchy Condor also riding the Elementary.

A slightly later start for those in the walk trot class 1, but early enough all the same on a Sunday morning in January.  BD Intro B was the test ridden for the judge Kelly Montgomery and the top performer on the day was Cora and Amanda Davison with second place going to Megan Parkinson and Trigger.  Amanda and Megan along with the other class winners went home some super prizes sponsored by Doagh Farm Feeds.

The biggest class of the day was next to enter the arena, the Newcomers performed Prelim 7 in front of Joanne McSeveney and when all the competitors had done their stuff it was Scooby and Gareth McClean that came out on top, with E C Lacoste and Laura Heatley not far behind in second. Stonebridge were the generous sponsors of this very large class and the class winners steeds were the main benefactors of the Stonebridge feed they took home.

Meanwhile the Novice class had taken place and Ivor Harper had judged Rosie Alcorn and The Ace of Diamonds to have performed the Novice 28 test best, with Rosso Tramonto and Bianca McElnea just a stride behind. All the Novice competitors competed for prizes sponsored by Old Mill.

Class 3 riding Prelim 13 was next to get underway. This was another fine class, which David Patterson was tasked with the job of judging.   He awarded first place to Erin Faloona riding Orchard Affair who took home the top Mulryan Saddlery prize.  Joanne Jarden on Hustle and Flow took home the second prize, with the third of Shane Mulryan’s prizes going to Jill Hobson on Ludovik K.

Last class on the time sheet was Class 4. Prelim 18 was the test ridden in front of

Judge Emma Campbell.  This class was kindly sponsored by Parkgate Saddlery and Bianca McElnea and Rosso Tramonto was the proud recipient of first prize.  Second prize was awarded to Jill Hobson and Ludovik K, Jill Hobson.

Even with all the classes over the winning didn’t stop as the raffle was drawn at the end of the evening.  Emma Campbell staggered out of the shop under the weight of the fantastic Luxury Hamper that she won. This treasure chest had been put together by the members of the STAR 2012 team.  Lucy Webb benefitted from Botanica’s generousity when she was drawn out for the Botanica Hamper.  Magdalena Oleszek should stay snug in the Stonebridge Fleece she won.  While Susan Scott could celebrate with her Wine & Champagne, Celebrations for Fiona McGuckin and a multi coloured umbrella was won by Leah Knight.

The people who deserve thanks after an event such as this, is practically as long as the list of results. As well as the individual class sponsors already mentioned, thanks for their generousity must be extended to Equestrian who supplied lots of branded goodies for prize winners across the classes.  Clare Rosettes provided fabulous rosettes for all classes, a lasting reminder of prize winners’ STAR performance.

To Judges, scribes, runners, scorers, call up and the staff who prepared the arenas and sourced Judges, thank you all so much for giving up your time to help make the day possible.  Not forgetting the competitors as of course there would have been no show without their participation.

The Equi-Tog photographer was capturing competitors’ STAR performances on the day and photos can be obtained by emailing

The charity show was a fabulous success with at the last count almost £1500 in the coffers for STAR.  This charity was the obvious choice for the Laurel View Charity Show as Emma who is most often seem behind the counter in the Laurel View shop is a member of the Summer Team Aid Romania 2012 (STAR).  Emma did a fantastic job sourcing sponsorship and prizes to make the STAR Charity Show extra special.

STAR is a charitable organisation that seeks to bring aid to the poverty stricken country of Romania. Communism destroyed Romania and it is only recently that it is slowly beginning to rebuild itself. STAR’s vision is to see Romania rebuilt not just physically but also spiritually and emotionally. The team and its supporters are servants to the country of Romania, to be used in whatever way necessary, be it through making a charitable donation, painting a hospital fence, or drying the tears of the orphans and homeless! There is a lot to be done!  It is an incredible work that has been started and if you would like to be part of this work, be it practically or financially then please gets in touch on

One final word and possibly the biggest thank you of the day must go to Robert and Linda Davis for letting this STAR charity day run as part of the Laurel View Winter Dressage League. Especially to Linda for all her exceptionally hard work for the event, without her setting times, organising the advertising and scoring tests all day long, to name a few things this event could not have ran. All Linda’s hard work was greatly appreciated by Emma and the entire STAR team.

This Charity competition also served as the third of five competitions in the Laurel View Winter League, with the next leg of the league scheduled for Sunday 5th February 2012.  Full test details can be found on and entries can be submitted via email to or telephoning 028 9083 0649 preferably by Wednesday 1st February.

Dressage League Results – Charity Show – 15.1.12

Class 1 – BD Intro B

Judge – Kelly Montgomery

1st Cora,  Amanda Davison; 2nd Trigger, Megan Parkinson; 3rd Bob, Jill Lamberton; 4th Just Louis, Leah Knight; 5th Bow Mount Morning Sunrise, Lynsey McCallie; 6th Mikie, Aimee Huddleston.

Class 2 – Newcomers – Prelim 7

Judge – Joanne McSeveney

1st Scooby, Gareth McClean, 78.50; 2nd E C Lacoste, Laura Heatley, 71.50; 3rd Ballyvoy Gameboy, Grace Cordery, 71.50; 4th Coco Motion, Catherine Murray, 69.50; 5th Bob, Donna Barron, 68.00; 6th Clueso, Shelley McFarlane, 68.00.

Class 3 – Prelim 13

Judge – David Patterson

1st Orchard Affair, Erin Faloona, 68.33; 2nd Hustle and Flow, Joanne Jarden, 65.42; 3rd Ludovik K, Jill Hobson, 65.42; 4th tie Orion, Emma Fleming; Harlequin Rose, Erin Faloona; MJI Dynamis, Joanne Jarden, 64.17; 5th Midnight Reflection, Karina McVeigh, 64.17; 6th Scooby, Suzi McClean, 63.33.

Class 4 – Prelim 18

Judge – Emma Campbell

1st Rosso Tramonto, Bianca McElnea, 69.17; 2nd Ludovik K, Jill Hobson, 68.75; 3rd Madam Tikki, Patricia Hanna, 68.33; 4th Ballydoolagh Bertie, Joanne Jarden, 67.92; 5th Mathilda, Gillian Orr, 67.92; 6th MJI Dynamis, Joanne Jarden, 67.50.

Class 5 – Novice 28

Judge – Ivor Harper

1st The Ace of Diamonds, Rosie Alcorn, 66.67; 2nd Rosso Tramonto, Bianca McElnea, 65.83; 3rd Dhumavarna, Megan Megrath, 64.17; 4th The Elf, Emma Campbell, 64.17; 5th Sha Khan, Geraldine Lowry, 63.75; 6th Oliver Hardy, Martina Loughran, 63.33.

Class 6 – Open

Judge – Alison Mastin Moore

1st VSH Wunderbar (Elem), Lynne Robinson,69.38; 2nd Kilminchy Condor (Elem), Lucca Stubbington, 67.81; 3rd Red and White (Med), Laragh Hamilton, 67.27; 4th Black Magic Toby (Elem), Sharon Watters, 64.69; 5th Discovered (Nov), Colin Halliday, 64.64; 6th tie Penny Swift (Elem), Heather Graham and Sha Khan (Elem), Geraldine Lowry, 63.75.