Spring Show Jumping League Final

A super Spring Show Jumping League has resulted in the following riders coming up trumps and having their accumulated points converted to pounds. Well done everyone. We look forward to seeing you all again soon at Laurel View for some of the other Spring and Summer events and activities.

45cm league –1st Rab, Helen Gage; 2nd Guinness, Hannah Wonnacott; 3rd Guinness, Rosie Hawthorne; 4th Viking, Ariel Allen; 5th Marley, Eve McGreevy; 6th Connie, Emma Sargent.


55cm league – 1st Barney, Erin Johnston; 2nd Nancy, Louise Beggs.


60cm league – 1st Bert, Sasha Strange.


70cm league – 1st Joni, Megan Carville.


80cm league – 1st Maisie, Ben Foster; 2nd Joni, Megan Carville.


90cm league – 1st Maisie, Ben Foster.


1m league – No qualifiers forward.