Spring Show Jumping League (4 of 6)

The 10th April was a busy day at Laurel View, rounded up with a busy evening of show jumping at the 4th competition in the Spring Pounds for Points Show Jumping League. Lots of super double clears, alongside others who just weren’t having a good day. Hope you are all back again to give the jumping your best efforts on the 17th March for the penultimate competition in the league.



Show Jumping League (4 of 6)




45cm –1st Marley, Eve McGreevy; 2nd Guinness, Hannah Wonnacott; 3rd Guinness, Rosie Hawthorne; 4th Keady, Katelyn Evans; 5th Tully, Donna Dawson; 6th Connie, Emma Sargent.


55cm – 1st Barney, Erin Johnston; 2nd Nancy, Louise Beggs.


60cm – 1st Tully, Donna Dawson.


70cm – 1st Joni, Megan Carville.


80cm – 1st Maisie, Ben Foster; 2nd Dawn, Lana Turner; 3rd Blake, Rachael Foster; 4th Sam, Anita Doherty; 5th Morty, Helen Donaldson; 6th Nanaimo, Natasha Degnan.


90cm – 1st Maisie, Ben Foster; 2nd Northern Bell, Charlotte Marshall; 3rd Rusty, Katie Flanagan; 4th Feirine, Holly Ross; 5th Blake, Rachael Foster; 6th Morty, Helen Donaldson.


1m – 1st Northern Bell, Charlotte Marshall; 2nd Rusty, Katie Flanagan.