Spring Show – 13.5.12

Huge respect to all the competitors who turned out today for the Laurel View Spring Show, despite the weather being most “un” Spring like!!

Let’s hope those competitors planning on competing at Balmoral this week, do not experience more of the same weather. Best of luck to all the friends of Laurel View competing at Balmoral.

Read on for today’s results.   A big thank you to everyone who made the day possible, I hope you have all had a chance to get warmed up again.

Hunters and Riding Horses

Judges – Leo Armstrong & Kirsten McDonald

Class 1 – 4 year old Hunter

1st Ballina Barney, Judith Hamilton; 2nd Cruise on Ready, Chris Eakin

Class 2 – Lightweight & Class 3 – Middle to Heavy Weight Hunter

1st Drumlane Suzie, Judith Hamilton; 2nd Rodger, Erin Faloona; 3rd No Illusion, Selina Campbell.

Class 4 – Small Hunter

1st Moneybox, Jamie Smyth; 2nd Done and Dusted, Robin Herron; 3rd Rufus, Orlaith McLaughlin.

Hunter Championship

Champion – Moneybox, Jamie Smyth.

Reserve Champion – Drumlane Suzie, Judith Hamilton.

Class 5 – Cob

1st Wee Rosco, Kate Spears; 2nd Sapphire, Louise Dunlop; 3rd Logan’s Leap, Jamie-Lee Reid.

Class 6 – Riding Horse

1st Dee, Erin Faloona; 2nd No Illusion, Selina Campbell; 3rd Xsara’s Mystchievous Ways, Audrey Leahey.

Working Hunter Horses

Judges – Seamus Rogers & Jonny Steele

Class 7 – Minimus Horse – 60cms

1st Midnight Reflection, Karina McVeigh; 2nd Bob, Donna Barron; 3rd Bowmount Morning Sunrise, Linzi McCallie.

Class 8 – 4 year old Horse – 70cms

1st Barney, Joe Hamilton; 2nd Rock Commander, Hugh Douglas; 3rd Rufus, Orlaith McLaughlin.

Class 9 – Novice Horse – 80cms

1st Oh Jackie, Jill Davidson; 2nd Bella, Edana Butler; 3rd Danny, Elaine Douglas.

Class 10 – Cobs – 80cms

1st Wee Rosco, Kate Spears; 2nd Orlaith McLauglin, Tip; 3rd Blue, Joe Hamilton.

Class 11 – Small Horse – 80cms

1st Rockafella Rose, Nuala McNally.

Class 12 – Intermediate Horse – 90cms

1st Song of Charm, Nuala McNally; 2nd Horse, Alison Parkes; 3rd Harlequin Rose, Erin Faloona.

Class 13 – Open – 1m

1st Horse, Alison Parkes; 2nd Song of Charm, Nuala McNally; 3rd Suzi, Joe Hamilton.

Working Hunter Horse Championship

Champion – Barney, Joe Hamilton.

Reserve Champion – Horse, Alison Parkes.

Working Hunter Ponies

Judges – Kirsty Marsden & Amy Neill

Class 14 – 60cms

1st Barney, Eva McClurg.

Class 15 – 70cms

1st Barney, Eva McClurg; 2nd Rupert, Penny Murphy; 3rd Jeronamo, Emma-Louise Gourley.

Class 16 – 80cms

1st Chico, Joe Hamilton; 2nd Schuey, Rachel Black.

Class 17 – 90cms

1st Chico, Joe Hamilton; 2nd Schuey, Rachel Black.

Working Hunter Pony Championship

Champion – Barney, Eva McClurg.

Reserve Champion – Chico, Joe Hamilton.