Spring Show Jumping League (1 of 6)

And it’s up and running. An excellent start to the Spring Show Jumping League. Great to see lots of competitors returning, some with new steeds to put through their paces. Laurel View once again proving to be a good arena to gain a bit of confidence in show jumping skills for horse or pony and rider.

This is what the results looked like at the end of the evening. Well done to everyone who gave it a go and especially to those taking home the rosettes.

Show Jumping League (1 of 6)




45cm –1st Rab, Helen Gage; 2nd Viking, Ariel Allen; 3rd Guinness, Rosie Hawthorne; 4th Guinness, Hannah Wonnacott; 5th Keady, Katelyn Evans.


55cm – 1st Barney, Erin Johnston.


60cm – 1st Johnny, Natasha Lowry; 2nd Cherry, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 3rd Lass, Rebecca Mullan.


70cm – 1st Joni, Megan Carville.


80cm – 1st Feirine, Holly Ross; 2nd Blake, Rachael Foster; 3rd Charlie, Emma Davies; 4th Maise, Ben Foster; 5th Joni, Megan Carville.


90cm – 1st Maise, Ben Foster; 2nd Blue, Gracie Bright; 3rd Romeo, Rocco Cairns; 4th Sally, Gracie Bright; 5th Dawn, Lana Turner; 6th Blake, Katie Flanagan.


1m – 1st Romeo, Rocco Cairns.