Special Dressage League Results

Drum roll please for the wonderful winners of our special classes for our Laurel View Riding School competitors, Liveries and Staff.

These have been calculated using the average scores of any Laurel View participant who competed more than once during the 2020/2021 Winter Dressage League.  We enjoy encouraging some competition among the Laurel View riders, but are always so impressed to see the abundance of teamwork, support and motivation in play on the day. So even if your name does not appear on this list I am sure you join with me in congratulating all these winners. 🙂 


Riding School Competition (Calculated on average scores)

1st Laura (Class 1), Grace Kirkwood, 64.94; 2nd Guinness (Class 1), Darcie Baguley, 63.26; 3rd Ben (Class 1), Ashley Wray, 62.50; 4th Admiral (Class 1), Katelyn Evans, 62.50; 5th Connie (Class 1), Cassie McMaw, 59.35; 6th Dargento (Class 1), Alara Terak, 56.74.


Laurel View Staff & Livery Competition (Calculated on average scores)

1st Chance (Class 2), Sarah Cuthbertson, 68.74; 2nd Wizard of Oz (Class 1), Hannah Kernohan, 66.68; 3rd Dealer (Class 2), Paddy McCanny, 65.30; 4th Chance, Johnny & Paddy (Class 1), Sophie Laverick, 65.09; 5th My Toy Boy (Class 5) & (Class 6 – Nov), Jacqui Lewis, 64.76; 6th Beauty (Class 1), Katie Watt, 63.48.


Who will come top of these classes in the Summer League? Don’t forget to get your entries in for the first competition on Sunday 20th June. 🙂