Show Jumping League (9 of 12) – 28.11.12

Another Wednesday and another list of rosette winners, all clocking up more points in the league, not long now until the final on Wednesday 19th December.  Each week with the 40cm starting at 6pm then onto 60cm etc etc.

Well done to one and all below. 🙂

Show Jumping Results


(9 of 12)





1st Pedro, Katelyn Irvine;  2nd Thizbee, Megan Ingram;  3rd Laurel View Bob, Sharka Gerhardus;  4th Laurel View Roly, Emma Blair; 5th Jiggy, Hugo O’Neill; 6th Sparky Dan, Rory O’Neill.



1st Chloe, Lauren Fleming; 2nd Thizbee, Megan Ingram; 3rd Pedro, Katelyn Irvine;  4th Skye, Sophie Galloway;  5th Guinness, Abi Gill; 6th Laurel View Bridget, Joanne Milne.



1st Peter, Joshua Boyles; 2nd Blue, Connie Jordan; 3rd Friday, Alan Cole, Friday 4th Addy, Sophie McGuckin;  5th Laurel View Bridget, Joanne Milne.



1st Schuey, Rachel Black;  2nd Peter, Joshua Boyles;    3rd The Castletown Lad, Miriam Wright; 4th Tinker, Paula Alexander; 5th Star, Kerry Taylor; 6th Rosie, Emma Brady.



1st Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy;  2nd Diamond, Alan Cole;  3rd Molly, Lauren Court;  4th Rosie, Emma Brady;  5th Shadow, Kerry McCluskey; 6th Melton, Lauren Court.



1st Jack, Fiona McRoberts; 2nd Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy.