Show Jumping League (4 of 12) – 25.10.17

Fourth night of the Winter Pounds for Points Show Jumping League ran very smoothly, with some combos having diffs in the warmup, they pulled out the stops to give some superb performances over the course.

Some shuffling of rosette colours among the winners this week, but everyone should still be very proud of their performances. Remember to aim for clear rounds to notch up the most points in this league.

Read on to see this weeks winners.

Show Jumping League (4 of 12)




45cm –1st Keady, Ashley Wray; 2nd Guinness, Holly Hamill; 3rd Laura, Finn Doherty; 4th Sparky, Erin McCrea.


55cm –1stApril, Kirsten Davis; 2nd Guinness, Grace Gillen; 3rd Rab, Frances McLaughlin; 4th Laura, Finn Doherty; 5th Jack, May Crozier; 6th Haribo, Amelia Bannon.


60cm – 1st Harvey, Natalie Kelly; 2nd Martini, Roddy Crilly; 3rd Delilah, Karen Brown; 4th Star Choice, Faith Black; 5th Jack, Holly Hanvey; 6th Silver, Tori O’Hara.


70cm – 1st Alfie, Louise Beggs; 2nd Laid Back Dude, Stephanie Fox.


80cm – 1st Jaylee, Sasha Mateer; 2nd Cindy, Zara Davis; 3rd Dawn, Lana Turner.


90cm – 1st Pippa, Cora McNulty; 2nd Dawn, Lana Turner.


1m – No entries forward.