Show Jumping League (2 of 12) – 10.10.12

Pick up some points at Laurel View


When the chill is in the air were better to be on a Wednesday evening than at Laurel View for the Show Jumping Points League. Obviously a sentiment acknowledged by the crowd present at the league on Wednesday 10th October.


The competitors came in from the cold to warm up in the small indoor before putting their horses and ponies through their paces over the course built by resident course designer Laurel Faloona.


Pugsy was in fine form with Annie Courtney Cadam steering him into first place over both the 40 and 60cms.


It was a great night for some of the Laurel View staff members as Roberta Bradbury, Simon Wylie and Kirsty Marsden took the top spots over the 70, 80 and metre on Molly, Ozzie and Loughmourne Diamond. And no, they don’t get any pre show practice over the course, Laurel and her course building crew are doing well to get the course up in time for the 6pm start.


Lauren Court was going well also taking 1st and 3rd in the 90cm class with Melton and Molly respectively.


Who will be in the top spots next week? Could it be you? This points league continues each Wednesday evening until the final on 19th December, 6pm start with 40cm. Come along.


Show jumping not your thing, never fear, there is plenty more on the Laurel View calendar.




Show Jumping (2 of 12)




1st Pugsy, Annie Courtney Cadam; 2nd Oscar, Roberta McClurg; 3rd Chief, Cora McNulty; 4th Laurel View Paddy, Kirsty Marsden; 5th Laurel View Roly, Emma Blair; 6th Shakhan, Joy Hegarty.



1st Pugsy, Annie Courtney Cadam; 2nd Chief, Cora McNulty; 3rd Laurel View Bridget, Joanne Milne; 4th Chloe, Lauren Fleming; 5th Flint, Sophie Winn; 6th Jeronamo, Emma Louise Gourley.



1st Molly, Roberta Bradbury; 2nd Chief, Gemma Ferguson; 3rd Jeronamo, Emma Louise Gourley; 4th Blue, Connie Jordan; 5th Rosie, Emma Brady; 6th Jack, Emma Lismore.



1st Ozzie, Simon Wylie; 2nd Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 3rd Star, Kerry Taylor; 4th Rosie, Emma Brady; 5th Pippy, Patricia Feeney; 6th Greybrooke Pole, Sam Ewing.



1st Melton, Lauren Court; 2nd Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 3rd Molly, Lauren Court; 4th Pippy, Patricia Feeney; 5th Ozzie, Simon Wylie; 6th Star, Kerry Taylor.



1st Loughmourne Diamond, Kirsty Marsden; 2nd Molly, Lauren Court.