Show Jumping League (11 of 12) – 13.12.17

The Laurel View team were amazed that anyone made it to the competition on Wednesday evening as the wintry weather was doing it’s best to stop the show jumping. But a valiant crowd of determined competitors made it to the show and this is how the results ended up. Well done everyone and your support teams for getting to Laurel View and for taking part 🙂 

Show Jumping League (11 of 12)




45cm –1st Star Choice, Faith Black; 2nd Keady, Ashley Wray; 3rd Guinness, Holly Hamill; 4th Roly, Finn Doherty; 5th Marley, Emma Sargent; 6th Roly, Emma Hosick.


55cm – 1st Lass, Hayley Rolston; 2nd Star Choice, Faith Black; 3rd Cindy, Stacey Hamill; 4th Silver, Nadine Uprichard.


60cm – 1st Toby, Amy-Lee Hanvey; 2nd Jack, Holly Hanvey.


70cm – No entries forward


80cm – 1st Harvey, Emma Blair.


90cm – 1st Pippa, Cora McNulty.


1m – No entries forward.