Riding School Dressage League Stars

League Winner

League Winner - Abi Gill on Rab

Dressage has become popular for a growing number of Laurel View Riding School students, so to nurture this interest a Riding School competition was incorporated into the League.  Top student and a complimentary private lesson went to Abi Gill who rode Laurel View Rab throughout the league, second in this league and 2 complimentary riding lessons were awarded to Sophie McGuckin, while Eileen McLaughlin who also rode Laurel View Rab took home the yellow league rosette and a complimentary lesson.  Special congratulations to all the riding school students who participated, as conquering nerves to ride a test on a horse you only get to ride once a week in lessons is no easy task.

Holly & Dawn

Holly & Dawn McKeown compete against each other!

Riding School League

1st Abi Gill, Laurel View Rab; 2nd Sophie McGuckin, Laurel View Bob; 3rd Eileen McLaughlin, Laurel View Rab; 4th Lorraine Irwin, Laurel View Bruno; 5th Katie Watt, Laurel View Giro; 6th Christine Smyth, Laurel View Rab; special mention Nicole Dallat, Laurel View Marley; Dawn McKeown, Laurel View General; Rosemary Lee, Laurel View Sky; Holly McKeown, Laurel View Sparky and Amy McCready, Laurel View Roly.

Riding School Competitors

Riding School Competitors Ready for Action!