Redhall “Bling it on” Dressage Show

Its never too early to get your entries in!  Entry forms are now available in the Laurel View shop and can be downloaded below or off course check out the Redhall Riding Club website.

Redhall “Bling it on” entry form

The name of the show is Bling it On- so now is the time- this show is the place to wear those new boots you got from Santa- and that lovely diamante browband that is just too bling for those normal outings with your horse- its time to BLING IT ON people so we hope you will all enter!

Tests are as follows
Intro: BD Intro A 2008, Intro B 2009

Prelim: BD Prelim 7 2002, Prelim 18 2002

Novice: BD Novice 24 2010, Novice 39 2010 (long arena)

Pre entry only.

£10 per test for members and £15 for non members.

Please note it is pre entry only!

There will be rosettes from 1st to 6th for each test, to be entered for the championship at each level you must ride both tests at that level- e.g. to be entered for the Intro Championship you must ride Intro A and Intro B ON THE SAME HORSE.  You will automatically be entered for the Championship at that level if you ride both tests at that level.  The Champion at each level will be awarded a trophy.

Watch this space for more details on the prizes on offer!

For more info call the Dressage Coordinator, Judi on 07545161852.