Pounds for Points SJ League (6 of 12) – 5.11.14

The 5th of November will be a night to remember for those winning the rosettes.  Another powerful night of jumping, great to see such good support and lots of healthy competition.

Show Jumping League (6 of 12)




1st Laurel View Bruno, Chloe Baxter; 2nd Darcy, Nick Jordan; 3rd Laurel View Guinness, Ellie Templeton; 4th Laurel View Connie, Cormac Creagh; 5th Delilah, Karen Brown; 6th Shooting Star, Jay Boyd.



1st Probably Not, Judith Templeton; 2nd Darcy, Nick Jordan; 3rd Cornetto, Kathryn Wilson; 4th Laurel View Rab, Sarah Saied; 5th Dunadry Girl, Aoife Dunlop; 6th Laurel View Jonathan, Natasha Lowry.



1st Ashantih Dream, Jamie-Leigh Wilkin; 2nd Star Statiz, Natasha McKernon; 3rd Chief, Cora McNulty; 4th Daisy, Catherine Stewart; 5th Daisy, Molly McCullough; 6th Delilah, Alison Larkham.



1st Star Statiz, Natasha McKernon 2nd Ashantih Dream, Jamie-Leigh Wilkin; 3rd Chance, Joel Clements; 4th Abbey, Anya Skilling; 5th.Flying Colours, Zara McCreery; 6th Laurel View Dusk, Claire Gilchrist.



1st Silly Sally, Katie McDonnell; 2nd Elmo, Tiarna Drake; 3rd Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy; 4th Jeronamo, Emma-Louise Gourley 5th Tirna, Jennie Marshall.



1st Mulligan’s Masterpiece, Robert Boggs; 2nd Skylark Express, Kathy Delargy.